Fish Texas - August 2016

Beat the heat with night fishing | Win big | Catch a trophy fish this year | Something new when you buy your license | More!

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Beat the Heat – Go Night Fishing

Night fishing video Most fish don’t like summer heat any more than we do. Many nap the dog days away, then get frisky when the stars come out. Frisky, as in looking for a snack - like that one on the end of your line! 

Big bass are known to feed after dark, but angling for them or any large fish requires preparation. Our experts suggest a braided line with big lures you can drag through the water. A light will help attract your quarry, as this video shows. 

Safety also takes on a new dimension in the dark, especially for boaters, who should take it slow, use navigation lights and wear a life jacket. But a boat isn’t required for this sport. Try it from a shore or pier, in lakes, rivers, ponds, bayous or the Gulf. Night fishing is simple, different and a heck of a lot of fun. Try it! 

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Because You Deserve to Win, Win, Win

Catfish fishing In appreciation of all you anglers who help make Texas one of the best places to fish, we’re offering a new drawing that’s FREE to enter. We’ve also expanded the Lifetime License Drawing, giving you 3 chances to win. 

Win Your Dream Year Outdoors – one lucky license buyer will win this super prize package: FIVE fishing trips, $2,000 of Cabela’s gear and more. It’s free to enter, you just need a current license. Enter online by Nov. 30.

Lifetime License Drawing - 3 people will win a Lifetime Super Combo License and NEVER have to buy a state license again. Add an entry for just $5 when you buy this year’s license. For the best chance to win, enter by Sept. 30.

Así Vamos A Pescar - Share your family fishing or boating photos and videos on social media using #VamosAPescarSweeps for a chance to win prizes and a trip to a resort. No entry fee. Enter by Sept. 5.

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Is This Your Year of the Trophy Fish?

Fish of the month Made your Fishing New Year resolution yet? Since the lakes are full, may we suggest you resolve to make this your Year of the Trophy Fish. Angler achievements of all kinds are rewarded through the TPWD’s Angler Recognition Program, including:

There are separate divisions for adult and junior anglers and for fresh and saltwater. The young lady in the photo earned July’s Catch of the Month with a 5.45 pound, 20.75 inch largemouth bass. So search the current record-holders, and learn how to submit your catch, then get on the water and nab that trophy. Good luck!

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Lifetime License Drawing

Episode I: Lake Dudes Meet Giant Salvinia

Lake Dudes Episode I Giant salvinia is a threat to lakes because it ruins fishing, boating and swimming. Take the Lake Dudes, who were all about fun until they met this invasive species.

The best thing boaters can do to stop the spread of invasive species like giant salvinia is to ALWAYS clean, drain and dry your boat and gear after lake use. Anglers: never transport baitfish or water of any kind from one lake to another, so drain and dry your gear when you leave a lake. Take action, don’t let these invasive species make you an unwilling accomplice. 

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Something New When You Buy Your License

1951 Fishing License The 2016-2017 fishing licenses are now on sale. Most current licenses expire August 31, but it’s easy to get a new license online or in person - definitely easier than getting a ticket. Check out this 1951 license in the photo – yours will look a wee bit different.

A new option, made possible by the Texas Legislature, allows  you to make a voluntary donation to two different causes when you buy your license: The Fund for Veterans’ Assistance gives funds to organizations providing assistance to Texas veterans and their families and Hunters for the Hungry provides venison meals to Texas families in need. 

There are a variety of licenses available, but the best value is the Super Combo. It includes fishing and hunting licenses and all state endorsements - for a mere $68. Get the Super Combo and you’ll be ready for any opportunity.

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Win Your Dream Year Outdoors

Outdoor Annual, Your Carefree Fishing Manual

Outdoor Annual The official guide to Texas fishing regulations is the 2016-2017 Outdoor Annual, now available online, in print, in Spanish and as a mobile app. It provides bag and length limits for both fresh and saltwater species, and will answer any other regulation questions. It also has a summary of what’s new for saltwater and freshwater fishing this year.

The Outdoor Annual mobile app is free for both Android and Apple devices and provides the most convenience. Even if you’re in an area without internet service, you can still access the full Outdoor Annual if you‘ve already downloaded the app. Pick up a copy at your local license retailer or download the app today and start planning your next angling adventure.

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Facebook Find: Galveston Bay Grows ‘Em Big

Giant redfish Chris Parrish of Houston is holding a massive red drum he caught off Sea Wolf Park in Galveston. All the redfish he caught that day, including this trophy, he released back into the bay - to be caught by someone else (or himself) another time. If you’d like to try catch-and-release, we’ve got a list of tips for both fresh and saltwater techniques to insure your success. 

Or, if you know someone who’d like to learn how to catch a big fella like this one, suggest they try a Go Fish! Learn-to-Fish event. They’re held at various state parks and are filled with hands-on angling activities. Whether it’s catching your first sunfish or a massive red drum, we can all agree - fishing is fun.

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