New Plain Language Notices Go Into Effect Soon

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New Plain Language Notices Become Effective Soon

The following list of new and revised Plain Language Notices (PLN) go into effect July 26, 2023, and align with the new Texas Claim EDI R3.1.4 standard.

  • NEW PLN-02B, Notice of First Payment of Income Benefits on an Acquired Claim, English | Spanish
  • Revised PLN-08, Notice of Change in Amount of Indemnity Benefit Payment, English | Spanish
  • Renumbered PLN-10A, Notice of Reinstatement of Indemnity Benefits, English | Spanish 
  • NEW PLN-10B, Notice of Lump Sum Payment of Income or Death Benefits, English | Spanish
  • Revised PLN-11, Notice of Disputed Issues and Refusal to Pay Benefits, English | Spanish 
  • Revised PLN-14, Notice of Continuing Investigation, English | Spanish 

DWC asks that carriers and claim administrators be ready to use the updated forms when they become effective.

For questions about the new forms, contact