Windstorm Inspections Program Newsletter April 2023

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Project Certification

TDI does not allow for piecemeal certification of projects where there are
multiple applications filed by multiple PEs or inspectors for the same scope of

For example, many property owners are deciding to install roof-mounted
solar panels on structures that are insured for wind and hail hazards by TWIA.

Here’s what you need to know

  • When the scope of a project includes an entire re-roof or partial re-roof
    along with the installation of solar panels, the expectation is that one or
    more inspectors may perform the inspection of the re-roof work and the
    solar panels installation as required, but only one PE or inspector may file
    the application to TDI for the entire scope of work.

  • The application sent to TDI must describe the construction details for
    each portion of the work on the WPI-1, WPI-2, or WPI-2E application in
    the comments beneath the type of inspection. For example, “Entire re-roof and solar panel installation.”

  • When a re-roof is required on a structure with previously installed and
    certified solar panels, the application must describe the construction
    details as entire re-roof with solar panel removal and re-installation, or a
    partial re-roof with solar panel removal and re-installation.


  • Tell your builders not to enter another WPI-1 application if a permit has
    expired. A revision should be made to the existing file.

  • Refer to your Needs Correction queue daily; requests from Engineering
    Services or Intake will appear here.

Contact us

The Windstorm Intake team is available to help with WPI-8 certificate
of compliance questions. Contact us at or
800-248-6032, option 3.