Reminder: New log on procedure for TPWD BRITS System (09/16/2022 10:50 AM)

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Good morning,

Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPWD) has updated their Boat Registration Information and
Titling System (BRITS) from the current Remote Desktop Connection protocol (RDP) on
your RTS workstation to a new workstation internet shortcut (URL).

Over this weekend, TxDMV Support will be adding a new BRITS shortcut icon to all RTS
workstation public desktops statewide in order to comply with this TPWD change.  TPWD
has migrated to a URL-based connection as this will update BRITS to become a more reliable, 
secure and manageable system. 


The old BRITS system is still functional, but you are encouraged to use the new BRITS
desktop icon going forward since the old BRITS system will be eventually decommissioned. 
Before retiring the old BRITS system, TxDMV and TPWD will ensure that all RTS workstations
will have the new BRITS shortcut icon on RTS public desktops.


Michelle Helen Bryant






The new BRITS desktop icon will point to this new internet shortcut URL in order to access
the BRITS system:

To become more acquainted with the new BRITS desktop shortcut icon and logon procedure,
please reference the attachment contained in this bulletin.  The attachment provides step by
step instructions to log on to the BRITS system using the new URL shortcut.  

Thank you, 


Texas Department of Motor Vehicles
IT Services Division