Update Notification: RTS/Cognos Reporting Issues: Workaround (07/14/2022 5:20 PM)

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Good afternoon,

We are aware that users are experiencing issues when requesting Cognos reports, despite
refreshing the report request or starting a new session.  We are also aware that some users
are able to generate reports, but only after several attempts.  Users are reporting a
"Can't display page" error message while trying to run reports and/or while trying to
return to the Home Page on the Cognos portal.

Please be assured that Support staff are working to resolve the issue.

Suggested Workarounds until the Cognos Reporting issue is fully resolved:

As we continue to troubleshoot the issue, here are the suggested workarounds you can try:

Option 1 -

If you receive this error message:

                         Cognos Error 1

then click the refresh button on your browser, and try the report request again:

                                         IE Refresh 1

- or -

Start a new Cognos Reporting session by inputting the following URL in your browser:


Option 2 - 

Schedule a Cognos Report to run in the background, to be emailed to you upon
completion, by following the instructions in the attachment provided in this bulletin.

An update will be provided once the Cognos Reporting issue is fully resolved.

We apologize for the inconvenience and any impact on you or your customers.

Thank you,

Texas Department of Motor Vehicles
IT Department