TxDMV publishes rule adoptions in the December 25, 2020, issue of the Texas Register.

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) has adopted rules in the December 25, 2020, issue of the Texas Register. The adopted language is available on TxDMV's website at https://www.txdmv.gov/general-counsel/proposed-and-adopted-rules.

The adoptions are effective December 30, 2020 and include: 

  • amendments to §215.500 and §218.72; and new §215.504 clarifying the refund authority for motor vehicle buyers and lessees; and refund to a consumer who paid the motor carrier to transport household goods;
  • amendments to §217.3 concerning vehicle titling for mopeds;
  • amendments to §209.23, §§219.2, 219.11, 219.13-219.15, 219.42, 219.43 and 219.61 - 219.63 concerning escort flag vehicles including the use of certain types of lighting equipment; removing escrow account payment for certain types of permits;
  • amendments to §219.31 and §219.126; and repeal of §219.83 relating to movement of oversize and overweight vehicles and enforcement of motor vehicle size and weight limitations; and
  • new §221.96 establishing a process under which the board may issue a cease and desist order to prohibit a person from violating statutes, board rules, or board orders, after notice and an opportunity for hearing.