Temporary Suspension of Motor Carrier Requirements

Texas Governor Greg Abbott declared a limited purpose disaster for certain counties in North Texas affected by storms on June 9, 2019. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles has responded by temporarily suspending IRP vehicle registration, 72/144-hour temporary registration permits, size and weight restrictions, and oversize/overweight permitting requirements for vehicles and loads associated with activities necessary to facilitate the restoration of electricity in North Texas.

Motor carriers involved in these efforts should print the Governor’s declaration and the TxDMV Waiver Notice and carry both in the vehicle. Both documents are found here under “Take Note”: http://www.txdmv.gov/motor-carriers

If your load is overheight, you may use the “Bid Route” feature in the Texas Permitting and Routing Optimization System (TxPROS) at https://txpros.txdmv.gov/ to route loads safely. Enter your height only and leave all other fields blank to use this feature during this emergency. For information on other restrictions go here: http://www.txdmv.gov/motorcarriers/permit-restrictions.

For a more accurate route than the bid route tool, contact us for routing assistance at 1-800-299-1700, option 2.