City of Dallas Announces Next Phase of Vision Zero

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April 4, 2024


City of Dallas Announces Next Phase of Vision Zero

DALLAS - The City of Dallas announces the next phase of Vision Zero, an internationally recognized strategy to eliminate traffic fatalities and severe injuries relating to automobile users, pedestrians and bicyclists. The strategy is based on the belief that no loss of life is acceptable and that all traffic fatalities and severe injuries are preventable. Vision Zero is a collaborative effort of each city department and all residents and road users of Dallas. The joint effort will help create a safer transportation culture across the city. 

Vision Zero encourages urban design that makes streets as easy as possible to navigate for all users and promotes safe and equitable mobility. The strategy shifts the approach from decades of vehicle-centric transportation planning and design to an urban design that makes streets easier to navigate. 

Building on the actions of previous initiatives, the next phase expands community engagement, increases the City’s public education campaign, and continues the development of programs focused on traffic safety from a crash data driven perspective.  Through continued coordination among internal departments and external stakeholders, the City works towards safter streets.  

Key Features of the Next Phase: 

Community Engagement: Collaborative efforts with local communities will be intensified to raise awareness about the importance of traffic safety. Educational programs, outreach events, and partnerships with schools and businesses will be prioritized to foster a culture of responsible road use.  

Educational Campaign: A bilingual educational campaign launched on the City’s communication networks, social media sites, partner billboards, and additional points of community interaction has been tailored to various audiences and focused on high-risk behaviors including speeding, distracted driving, and seatbelt safety.   

Enforcement: The Dallas Police Department (DPD)Traffic Unit has written over1,600 citations in High Injury Network locations since 2021, as a part of Vision Zero. 

Through Vision Zero, there are focused enforcement efforts in High Injury Network Locations, which are composed of streets that account for the highest percentage of fatal and severe injury crashes. High Injury Network focus locations are updated each quarter and target the most aggressive and dangerous driving behaviors. 

The Traffic Unit also regularly deploys large, illuminated message-board trailers in areas that see high numbers of pedestrian-involved crashes with messaging warning motorist of the increased pedestrian traffic and/or increased enforcement in that area. 

Since the start of Vision Zero, DPD also has created a Highway Enforcement and Interdiction Team. The unit focuses on highways in Dallas, and enforcement in and around the highest pedestrian fatality roadways/intersections. 

Technology Integration: The implementation of advanced technologies, such as smart traffic management systems and automated enforcement tools, will be explored to further enhance safety measures and address traffic concerns proactively.

Data-Driven Decision-Making: The City is analyzing traffic data to identify trends, assess risks, and tailor interventions based on real-time information. This approach ensures that resources are directed to areas with the highest potential for impact. 

Enhanced Infrastructure: The city will continue to invest in critical infrastructure improvements, including upgraded crosswalks, synchronized traffic signals, and improved signage to create a safer environment for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. 

Council Member Omar Narvaez expressed optimism about the continued progress of the Vision Zero initiative, stating, "The safety of our residents is our top priority. This next phase of the Vision Zero Program reaffirms our commitment to creating a city where everyone can travel without fear. By combining community engagement, infrastructure improvements, and cutting-edge technology, we are taking a holistic approach to make our roads safer for everyone." 

The City of Dallas invites residents, businesses, and community organizations to actively participate in the Vision Zero initiative and join the journey toward safer streets for everyone. 

For more information, please visit Vision Zero Dallas ( 

About Vision Zero

Vision Zero is a global traffic safety initiative that aims to eliminate all traffic-related fatalities and severe injuries while increasing safe, healthy, and equitable mobility for all. The approach focuses on data-driven strategies, community engagement, and multi-agency collaboration to create safer road environments.