Council Member Jesse Moreno forms a task force to find Deep Ellum Cultural District-specific solution within citywide noise ordinances

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July 8, 2021

Evelyn Amaya, Council Liaison

Council Member Jesse Moreno forms a task force to find Deep Ellum Cultural District-specific solution within citywide noise ordinances

DALLAS - Council Member Jesse Moreno is teaming up with Deep Ellum residents and business owners to address City’s noise ordinance.

The taskforce consists of Moreno, Deep Ellum Foundation, Deep Ellum Community Association, district entertainment and live music venue owners. Neighborhood residents will work directly with the Department of Code Compliance Services (CCS) to devise district-specific amendments to citywide regulations to address noise. 

“Deep Ellum businesses have produced virtual shows, programming and artworks to provide respite and inspiration for a weary public during the pandemic,” said Moreno. “Now, they need our help to continue to serve our community and so many surrounding communities.”

In April, the City of Dallas took steps to improve noise abatement strategies through CCS to address city-wide concerns regarding noise and disruption of quality of life. Now that the City’s premier entertainment district is fully coming back to life as the pandemic recedes, it is time to tailor this new strategy to enable the cultural district to continue to thrive and serve the entire region.

The lifeblood of Deep Ellum is the business community and especially its independent businesses and cultural institutions. Business owners who have been operating for over 20 years and more recent entrepreneurs alike agree 2020 was the most challenging time they have ever faced doing business in the district. COVID-19 shuttered local restaurants, bars, galleries, theaters, live music venues and other small and independent businesses who rely upon them. Many have only begun to reopen their doors in 2021. 

“Now is a critically important time to support local businesses as they continue to recover,” said Moreno. “At the same time, we must find solutions that both allow businesses to thrive and maintain quality of life for their neighbors and nearby residents who have been drawn to the Deep Ellum district to enjoy these rich amenities. As such, I am drawing upon the resources of the City of Dallas and forming a new task force in partnership with the Deep Ellum community to find joint solutions to noise.”

Deep Ellum is one of the most historically significant neighborhoods in North Texas and serves as both the inspiration and launching pad for artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and many independent businesses. A mere 0.5 square miles, the district is home to over 400 businesses today.

A cornerstone of the City’s tourism industry, this cultural magnet consistently attracts both Texans and tourist from around the world. The district hosted approximately 1.2 million unique visitors in 2019. Thanks in large part to its rich arts, entertainment, and food and beverage offerings, Deep Ellum has also been leading the Central Business District in new office and residential development.

“Deep Ellum has a history of being a collaborative community and an entrepreneurial stronghold,” said Moreno. “The district hosts the most robust expanded neighborhood patrol program in Dallas in large part to support its nighttime economy.  That public safety program was founded by local community leaders to meet a neighborhood-specific need as Deep Ellum continued to grow as the biggest entertainment hub in North Texas. Once again, community leaders are stepping up to partner with the City of Dallas and do their part to meet a neighborhood-specific need.”