Mayor Eric Johnson's statement on Gov. Greg Abbott's police funding proposal

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Office of the Mayor, Eric Johnson

Aug. 18, 2020

Tristan Hallman
Chief of Policy and Communications | 469.785.1421

Mayor Eric Johnson's statement on Gov. Greg Abbott's police funding proposal

DALLAS -- Mayor Eric Johnson on Tuesday released the following statement on Gov. Greg Abbott's proposal to freeze property taxes for cities that defund their police departments:

"I would want to see the actual legislation before I comment directly on Governor Abbott's proposal because 'defunding' means different things to different people. But generally, I believe it should be up to voters to hold their local elected officials accountable for their budgetary decisions, which should reflect the people's priorities.

"My top priority as mayor is keeping the public safe. Dallas has had unacceptable increases in violent crime in the past few years, and that has disproportionately affected our underserved communities. People need safety and stability to thrive. To that end, it's imperative for us to invest in a highly trained and well-led police department that emphasizes community policing. I am also committed to exploring policies that reduce our dependence on police officers to solve society's ills.

"I personally believe we should look to defund the bureaucracy by redirecting portions of highly compensated government executives' salaries back to taxpayers or to programs and services that help make our communities stronger. With limited resources, we must act responsibly and produce a budget that focuses on safety, service, and equity for our residents and businesses."