Street closures surrounding Dealey Plaza during miniseries filming

Oct. 6, 2015                                                Sana Syed – Public Information Office
                                                                   (214) 846-0519

As a City, while we encourage production companies to film in Dallas, we underestimated traffic surrounding the “11/22/63 shoot.” We apologize to drivers for the inconvenience they have experienced. While the next few days won’t be painless, we are increasing police presence to help with traffic. We encourage drivers to review the road closure information on our websites and plan their routes ahead of time.

Street Closures (Oct 6th: 7:30am – 8:30pm) & (Oct. 7th & 8th: 7:30am – 7:30pm)

400 – 600 Elm Street WB between Riverfront and Market Street.
400 -600 Main Street E/B & WB between Riverfront and Market Street.
100 S. Houston Street N/B & S/B. 100-200 N. Houston Street N/B & S/B between Commerce Street & Pacific Ave.
Ross Avenue @ Houston Street (soft closure/tapering of traffic cones).
Street Closures (3 pm – 7 pm) (Oct 6th thru 8th)
600 – 800 Elm Street WB between Market Street and Lamar Street.
.600 -800 Main Street E/B & WB between Market Street and Lamar Street.
100 S. Austin Street @ Main Street.
Intermittent Traffic Control (after 9 am) Limited to l-3 minute intervals.
Commerce Street E/B between Riverfront Blvd and Houston Street.
Interstate 35E/ Commerce Street S/B exit ramp to Commerce Street.
Interstate 35El Commerce Street N/B Exit ramp to Commerce Street.
Reunion Blvd Service Road(s) to Commerce Street (behind the Hyatt)