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Earlier this week, Council voted to approve our broadband ordinance on the first of three required readings. This is significant because it is the first step of many towards much needed digital equity for our community.

As a reminder, the ordinance will apply to any high-speed broadband network developer that will invest in an additional 60% citywide coverage and 60% low-income coverage areas.

City Government will incentivize any interested company by reducing our costs through reductions in permitting fees and right-of-way fees. Additionally, we will streamline our process to allow a company to get to work faster.

By working with our partners Blue Suede Networks and Meridium who are planning to invest $750 million to provide fiber to the premises to 85 percent of our city, we will not only dramatically increase our download and upload speeds, but we are future proofing our infrastructure. 

On the surface, a fiber optic cable might look like other types of communication cable, but inside, it’s glass rather than copper wiring. Fiber cable have life spans of more than 30 years.


Today, fiber technology can satisfy all subscriber needs, in part due to high speeds, reliability, and low latency. The best part about fiber compared to cable is that it can easily evolve to support our growing needs in the future as demonstrated in the chart below.

fiber 1

While we still have many steps in the process to make this a reality, we are well on our way. Stay tuned.

A monumental moment: Earlier this week, we had the chance to do something very meaningful for our community and for someone for whom I have a great deal of respect. On Wednesday afternoon with a host of his family and friends, we unveiled a monument of Mayor AC Wharton at the beginning of the Shelby Farms Greenline on Tillman Avenue.


Dedicating the better part of his career to public service, Mayor Wharton has done so much for our community including leading the efforts to convert old and unused railroad tracks into what we now know as the nearly 11-mile stretch of the Shelby Farms Greenline. People of all races, backgrounds, and neighborhoods can be found using this great community amenity, and it’s thanks in large part to Mayor Wharton.

To the Mayor and his family, thank you for your many contributions to Memphis. We hope this monument will bring you as much joy and meaning as the Shelby Farms Greenline brings to our community.

It’s finally here!: Today is the official opening of the new Topgolf Memphis. This is a community amenity that our administration has been working to bring to our region for a long time, and I couldn’t be happier that we were able to get it done before I leave office.


This new facility has two floors, over 70 all weather bays, toptracer games, 28-foot video wall and over 200 HD TVs. It will bring in people from all over the region to Memphis—to have a good time, to spend money, and to see our city.

Thanks to the many folks who worked to make this happen, especially to our divisions of engineering, planning and development, and public works.

Enjoy your weekend!


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