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Over the last several months, I have discussed our decades-old fight against crime many times. Earlier this week, we announced the official launch of our latest public safety initiative. Connect Memphis is designed to provide critical and actionable information that speeds up investigations and emergency response and keeps residents and businesses safer.

Connect Memphis is an online portal for

  1. Citizens to register their security cameras or
  2. Integrate their cameras into the Memphis Police Department system.

We are hoping that citizens will join and give our police officers more eyes on the streets.

By setting up a voluntary camera registration process, the need for door-to-door canvassing is eliminated, and valuable time can be used elsewhere. Registering a camera with MPD is quickly and easily done through the self-service portal.

Both residents and businesses are invited to register their security cameras. Currently, the City of Memphis has around 3,500 cameras over our 330 square miles. In one year, Connect Atlanta has signed on 16,000 privately-owned cameras. If we can match their partnership, MPD will have access to close to 20,000 cameras to better protect our community.

Register--Camera registration does not give live video access to MPD. It only gives them camera location information to use when an incident occurs.  Investigators will contact camera owners only if they need assistance collecting camera footage.  In the event of a theft, for example, police may request a store owner’s recorded video to quicken the evidence-gathering process.

Integrate--MPD is offering residents the option to upgrade their video security systems to include live video feeds to the department. Residents and businesses can share live video feeds with the police department in emergencies to improve employee safety and police response by installing a small CORE device on their network. This upgrade can be requested following the camera registration process online.

Having the ability to quickly review video footage in a criminal investigation is critically important. With Connect Memphis, our officers will know where active cameras are in relation to a crime scene and be able to obtain the footage more quickly or request it to help with their investigation. We hope you will sign up and join us in the fight against crime.

To register a camera with the Memphis Police Department or to upload a video directly to investigators, please go here and follow the instructions.

The boys are back in town: This past Tuesday, the USFL and the City of Memphis announced that our iconic Memphis Showboats are coming home to the Bluff City. In addition to the Showboats, Memphis will also host the Houston Gamblers during the USFL 2023 Season.


Their first game will be held Sunday, April 16, 2023, at Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium, home of the 1980s team that featured Pro Football Hall of Famer Reggie White. To secure your seat for next season, you can go here to make a ticket deposit.

The USFL is the first major professional spring football league in nearly 40 years to complete a successful inaugural season and return for Season 2. During the USFL’s 12-week season in 2022, all eight teams were hosted by the City of Birmingham, AL.

For me personally, I could not be happier to bring the Showboats back home to Memphis. I have so many fond memories of going to USFL games. The atmosphere was amazing. The spring weather was beautiful. They had quality football, and it was an overall great experience. I know this time will be no different, and I look forward to going to the first game on April 16th.


If you get a second, check out this reel the league created. Let’s go Showboats!

Enjoy your weekend!


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