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Earlier this week, I was in Nashville to say thank you and to show our continued support for the proposed funding of city projects in the Governor’s budget. I was also there to show our support for key legislation, as well as, our opposition to some proposals. One of those key pieces of legislation we support proposes stiffer sentencing for violent criminals.


Last year, in Shelby County Criminal Court there were 280 guilty verdicts involving only aggravated assault. (There were likely many other cases involving aggravated assault, but those defendants were also charged with other crimes).


Of those 280 cases, 25 percent of them were granted judicial diversion, meaning no prison time. Another 37 percent were sentenced from 1-3 years in prison. Remember, a prisoner only serves 30 percent of their sentence. So, if you have a three-year sentence, you’re only serving about 11 months.


Below are just a few of the actions of the defendants who served no prison time due to weak state laws.

  • Defendant shot his roommate with a handgun
  • Defendant attempted to run over two MPD officers with his vehicle
  • Drive-by shooting
  • Defendant forcefully sexually assaulted victim
  • Defendant fired shots at one victim and hit another victim in the leg with handgun
  • Defendant shot handgun at victim and her child
  • Defendant strangled and attempted to throw victim off balcony
  • Defendant stabbed victim with scissors at work
  • Defendant attempted to run over children with his car
  • Defendant shot victim in the stomach
  • Defendant fired shots at victim's vehicle

If you wonder why I write about this so much, I’ll ask to read the above one more time.


These are serious, violent actions, and they deserve serious punishment. I’m tired of the revolving door of our criminal justice system, and I know majority of you are too. It’s time to fix the problem.


A long time coming: The announcement that FedEx Logistics was relocating its headquarters downtown with 600 employees to the old Gibson Guitar factory was made in 2019. Then, just a few months later, our world was turned upside down by a global pandemic.


At long last, they held a grand opening ceremony earlier this week for this beautifully renovated and reimagined facility.




FedEx is a global brand, a model corporate citizen, and we’re so lucky to have them in our community. I was happy to officially welcome them to downtown Memphis. Congrats again to the entire FedEx family on this milestone.


Grizz Week: Starting on Monday, the Memphis Grizzlies are inviting all fans to celebrate the start of the 2022 NBA Playoffs with Grizz Week, April 11-15. As a sign of support, the Grizzlies are asking the Memphis community to show their spirit by lighting up the city in Grizzlies’ blue and gold beginning Monday, April 11, through the Grizzlies Playoff run.


All fans are encouraged to post photos and videos throughout the week of their blue and gold lights to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, tagging @memgrizz and using the hashtag #LightUpMemphis.


The Grizzlies are also asking all local school districts to show their best Grizzlies school spirit for Grizzlies School Spirit Day on April 12th by wearing their favorite Grizzlies gear or decking out their classroom with blue and gold.  One lucky participating school will win prize money for classroom supplies. Schools are encouraged to tag @memgrizz on any social media platforms they use along with the hashtag #GrizzSpirit. All posts must be submitted by Tuesday, April 12th by 5 p.m., and participants can post as many entries as they like. The winning school and classroom will be notified on Wednesday, April 13.


To wrap up the week, the Grizzlies are asking businesses, as well as the local community to turn their casual Friday into Grizz Day by encouraging everyone to show their Grizzlies spirit. Individuals and businesses participating in Grizz Day can post photos and videos of their gear to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, tagging @memgrizz and using the hashtag #GrizzDay.


Go Grizz!


Enjoy your weekend!



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