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I have mentioned our Healthcare Navigator program in this space before, but as a reminder, the Healthcare Navigator program is run by our Memphis Fire Department Emergency Medical Services and provides 911 patients with the right response through patient-centered care.


Many patients who previously wanted transport to a hospital are now safely and effectively treated at the scene by EMS professionals and navigated to resources that are more appropriate for their needs. As it stands right now, TennCare only reimburses 911 EMS providers when they transport a patient by ambulance to a hospital. Senate Bill 2319 and House Bill 2840 will change this by saving the State of Tennessee money, and will free up ambulance hospital transport for patients who truly need it.


These two bills (sponsored by Senator Paul Rose in the Senate and Leader Karen Camper in the House) directs TennCare to develop and implement a voluntary program similar to the Medicare model known as ET3 (Emergency Triage, Treat, and Transport) which began in 2021 and reimburses EMS and healthcare providers for handling patients in a more effective manner.


How the program works:

  • Diverts appropriate patients away from crowded emergency departments by supporting reimbursement for telemedicine, treatment in place, and transport to alternative destinations (such as urgent care centers, community health centers, primary care offices, and behavioral health facilities).
  • Encourages the usage of lower-cost healthcare resources for persons with non-life threatening medical complaints while preserving ambulances for emergencies.

I am hopeful that these two bills will pass the legislature and allow our Healthcare Navigator program to help even more in our community who need its services.


45 years of service: Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to stop by and congratulate a friend on a major milestone to the Memphis community.




Art Gilliam celebrated his 45th anniversary as president and owner of WLOK Radio.

Art is a legend, and a man of many firsts as an African American in Memphis—Commercial Appeal reporter, reporter and anchor on tv, and owner of radio station.


Congrats again, Art! Thank you for the many years of service to our community.


A gifted young man: On Tuesday afternoon, I (along with several other City of Memphis employees) had the opportunity to witness a truly musically-gifted young man named Caesar Sant.


Caesar is a 13-year old sickle cell survivor who has endured three strokes and years of treatment. But thanks to recent bone marrow transplant, is sickle cell free. Throughout those struggles, he never lost his ability or desire to play the violin, and I am truly grateful that he came to share his talent with us.




Watching Caesar as he worked his incredible craft and the joy in his father’s eyes as he watched his son hold his audience in the palm of his hand was moving and inspiring. I just felt lucky to be in the same room as it happened.


To watch Caesar’s performance, you can go here. To learn more about Caesar and his story or listen to more of his music, go here.


Thank you, Caesar!


Have a great weekend.




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