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As you may know, most of our gun violence involves people who know one another, and often, people who have a history of criminal behavior. Too many times, the murders are retaliatory gang actions, which is why we have implemented a Group Violence Intervention Program. I want to remind you of this to set the stage for an incident that occurred earlier this week which plainly demonstrates the challenges we face.


On October 25, 2021, near midnight, a car of four men pulled up to the Regional One emergency room. Two of them we injured from gunshot wounds, and tragically, one died. Their vehicle clearly showed bullet holes, and they said they were on the Bill Morris Parkway (TN-385 Interstate). A search of the area did not find any evidence of a crime scene.


Broken judicial system:


Two of the men in the car are out on bond from an incident that occurred on November 29, 2020. Their charges include: First Degree Murder in Preparation of Robbery.


Here’s the backstory:


After two months of excellent investigations by the Memphis Police Department, these two men were charged with returning to the apartment of people who sold them drugs to rob them. Guns were fired (54 bullet casings were found) and two men died.


Fast-forward back to the emergency room this week—these men were likely targeted by individuals who surely knew them and may have been retaliating against them for their past actions.


Bottom line—the revolving door at 201 Poplar released two individuals charged with murder and more violence ensued.


State of Memphis Housing Summit: Yesterday, the Division of Housing and Community Development hosted its third annual State of Memphis Housing Summit. Over 700 people participated in this year’s summit, and I want to say a special thank you to Director Ashley Cash and her entire team for putting on such a successful and meaningful event.


To watch the full recorded Summit, go here.


It lives!!!: As you may know, crews are working feverishly to get the Mid-South Sports and Events Center built at the new Liberty Park development. Turner Construction captured a great shot while they were doing a drone overflight earlier this week.




You can really see the size of the building and how the central spine will line up with the Coliseum front door. Each of those steel posts is almost 60 feet high. And that 4-story yellow crane you see in the picture is actually the “baby” crane compared to the one we’ll have out there in a couple weeks to lift the trusses into place.


Stay tuned more updates as we move forward in the construction process.


Larry Finch Plaza: There are few things that can bring people together from all walks of life, all income levels, and all races like a sports team. I had the privilege yesterday to commemorate a man who led one of those special teams—Coach Larry Finch of our Memphis Tigers.




A good coach inspires his or her players. They’re demanding, and they push their players to be the best (sometimes better than they even knew they could be).


They also teach players that’s it’s not all about winning but about how you play the game—with tenacity, good strategy, and with all your heart. Not bad lessons for the rest of those players lives.


Larry Finch was such a coach. He was beloved by his players, and they will testify to the huge positive impact he played in their lives.


I was honored to call him a friend and truly believe he is one of the top ten most influential Memphians in our history.


finch 2


Thanks for the countless players lives you impacted and for all the memories, Coach Finch.


Enjoy your weekend!



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