Weekly Update: 5G comes to Memphis


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Yesterday, we had more validation our momentum is real, and companies outside of Memphis are noticing it, too.

As of Thursday morning, Memphis became one of 22 cities nationwide to have Verizon 5G Ultra-Wideband service! Other cities on that list include New York City, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.

Now, some of you may be thinking this: “What’s 5G?”. That’s OK. 5G is the fifth generation of wireless technology.

To understand 5G, it’s helpful to understand what came before it. Broadly, the first generation of mobile technology goes like this:

  • 1G, was about voice (analog)
  • 2G introduced short-messaging (i.e., text messaging, launch of digital wireless)
  • the move to 3G provided the necessary network speeds for accessing the internet through smartphones
  • then 4G, with its faster data transfer rates, gave rise to many of the connected devices and services that we rely on today (one great example is Uber)

To sum it up—5G will be even faster, with more bandwidth and greater opportunities for connectivity.

Verizon’s new 5G network adds another strong tool to recruit and retain companies. It will help us attract entrepreneurs who will use this technology to invent the next big thing we all can’t live without. And, equally as important, it shows to the world that Memphis is open for business.

Because so many of the network providers’ 5G antennas are on poles within the public right-of-way, City and MLGW staffers had to approve scores of permits and plans. I thank them for their hard work behind the scenes that helped make this a reality – and continued to show why we work to deliver government at the speed of business.

On the road again: Most of us are probably not aware that nationally there is a shortage of drivers with a commercial driver’s license (CDL) — and even more so for those commercial drivers who have a passenger endorsement.

Why am I telling you this?

As it stands right now, MATA currently has a need for around 60 drivers. These jobs offer great pay with great benefits — including retirement. To go even further, MATA is doing its part to help those who need second chances by encouraging re-entry candidates to apply.

If you’re looking for a great opportunity or know someone who is, send them here for more information.

Farewells: This past Tuesday was the last meeting for six members of our City Council, and I would be remiss if didn’t take just a few lines to say a heartfelt thank you and to acknowledge them for their many accomplishments during their time at City Hall.

Councilwoman Gerre Currie: Thank you for your leadership, for helping us to secure city funding for the new Leftwich Tennis Center, and for your commitment to serving our city.

Councilman Sherman Greer: Thank you for your dedication to Memphis and for leading the charge on the passage of Raleigh TIF.

Councilman Reid Hedgepeth: Thank you for your 12 years of service to Memphis and for your unwavering commitment and support of anything that would help our alma mater — the University of Memphis.

Councilman Berlin Boyd: Thank you for your passion and your leadership during your two times as chairman, and your willingness to fight for the causes you believe in, such as the mow-to-own program.

Councilman Joe Brown: Thank you for your 20 years on the Council. Your spirited debates and friendship will be missed.

Councilman Kemp Conrad: Thank you for your 12 years of service to Memphis, your leadership on the council, and numerous accomplishments during your time. Your friendship and counsel will be missed.

Herbie Awards: I’m pretty sure I don’t have to tell you how big a deal it was to have ESPN’s College Gameday here this season. But just in case, it was a very big deal.

This week, ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit gave away his annual Herbie Awards, and Memphis did not disappoint.

In case you missed it, The Peabody, Folk’s Folly, and Beale Street all made the 2019 Herbie Award list for best hotel, best restaurant, and best scene.

In the words of ESPN host Rece Davis, “the city was unbelievable.” To watch the 2019 Herbie Awards, go here. The award for best restaurant and best hotel are around the 21-minute mark. The best scene award is at the 40-minute mark.

More good news: Yesterday, it was announced that Memphis made the cut for Forbes “U.S. Travel: 25 Best Places to Visit in 2020”.

Enjoy your weekend.


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