Weekly Update: Community Catalyst fund at work


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Based on the strong input from 15,000 Memphians across our city, Memphis 3.0 is our road map to build up, not out – and to invest in our core and our neighborhoods. From that plan came a recommendation for the creation of the Community Catalyst Fund—a new, recurring source of funds that focuses on certain areas of our city that have not seen the type of development we would all like to see and that those neighborhoods deserve.

This week, the Binghampton neighborhood saw first-hand the power of the Community Catalyst Fund when we started the demolition of the Tillman Cove Apartments. After nearly four years sitting vacant, they are finally coming down. This was a partnership with the Division of Housing and Community Development, Division of Planning and Development, Elmington Capital, Binghampton Development Corporation, Memphis and Shelby County Community Redevelopment Agency, and members of the Binghampton community.

This is exactly the type of investment we had in mind when we created the Community Catalyst Fund. Not only are we getting rid of an eyesore for the neighborhood, but through this investment, we have opened the door for private development dollars to come in and create high-quality, affordable housing in an area that needs it. I’m very pleased that Elmington Capital and its partners will be investing their time, energy and capital into this revitalization.

This is real change for this community and will help accelerate the momentum Binghampton is already experiencing.

To quote Noah Gray, Executive Director of the Binghampton Development Corporation, “we moved mountains to get this done”.

Thirty years of football, culture, and most importantly—a good time: Earlier this week we kicked off the 30th Annual Southern Heritage Classic ® and Cultural Celebration. Each year, this event delivers a first-class experience to the thousands who attend thanks to its founder—Fred Jones.

On Monday, we dedicated a section of road in front of Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium naming it “Fred Jones Way”. The name is emblematic of how he’s lived his life, runs his business, and has made this event happen for 30 years—his way.

Congrats Fred!

Fred Jones

Remembering and honoring our First Responders: Eighteen years ago this week, terror struck our nation. Nearly 3,000 lives were lost, many of which were first responders.

This past Wednesday morning, we remembered the men and women of NYPD, the Fire Department of New York, and so many others who answered the bell. And, we reflected on what that sacrifice and that service looks and feels like right here in Memphis.

Our men and women of MPD, of Memphis Fire command and deserve our respect, our appreciation, and our thanks.

I’ll leave you with one final thought from Sandy Dahl, the wife Jason Dahl, of one of the pilots of Flight 93: "If we learn nothing else from this tragedy, we learn that life is short and there is no time for hate.”

As we move through our busy lives, may we do our best to remember and live out that lesson.


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