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Just two weeks ago, we graduated the largest Memphis Police Department officer class in a decade.

But we're not stopping there.

Starting Monday, the 124th Basic Recruit Class will begin — and we're expecting about 100 new police recruits! (For comparison's sake, we started the last class with 108 and graduated 85.)

You probably know by now that rebuilding MPD staffing is a critical part of our multi-faceted public safety strategy. (If you need a refresher, here's a recent Weekly Update on all we're doing.)

As you can see, we're executing on this strategy. Our goal is 2,300 officers by 2020, and we're doing many new things — such as fixing an antiquated hiring process and recruiting out of town — to make that happen.

Thanks to the MPD Training Academy staff and our Division of Human Resources for all of the hard work. And remember: If you want to serve or know someone who wants to serve, visit joinmpd.com.

We're already hard at work toward the 125th Basic Recruit Class, which starts early next year!

The magnitude of AutoZone: We all know how important major corporations like AutoZone are not only to our economy, but to our identity as a city. But an event I went to this morning really hit that point home for me. AutoZone opened its 6,000th store this morning — and did so right here in our city.

Six thousand stores! If you ever want to know the reach and scale of AutoZone, remember that fact.

I tell people all the time that Memphis is a city that’s changing the world. Our companies help us do that — and it’s particularly great to see how Memphis companies are changing their particular industries, just like AutoZone is.

Marking our momentum: I know it was six days ago, but I’m still in awe of how great last Saturday’s grand opening of Crosstown Concourse was. Thousands and thousands of Memphians came to celebrate our momentum, which was evident in a great way: a joyous celebration of new life in a building abandoned for years.

New jobs, rehabbing a blighted structure, rejuvenating an entire neighborhood — all are amazing benefits of this major new asset in our city.

If you haven’t been to Crosstown Concourse, you need to go. Today. It’s as great a testament to our momentum as exists in our city.

Mayor at Crosstown opening

Thursday night, I was glad to be at a reception honoring NexAir, another of our great corporate citizens, which decided to move its headquarters to the building. That kind of visionary thinking and meaningful bet on the future of our city should not go unnoticed.

The future of the Fairgrounds: You may have heard that we’re revisiting the process to plan the future of the Fairgrounds. It’s different this time, as I’ve mandated that we present a plan by year’s end. Paul Young, our Housing and Community Development director, does a nice job outlining what we’re doing in this guest column in The Commercial Appeal.

We invite you to visit memphisfairgrounds.com to learn more and offer your feedback.

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