Weekly Update: Fighting crime in our neighborhoods


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We often talk about fighting crime in the big picture -- things like the number of officers we employ, the money we spend on public safety, and the policies and procedures of the police department.

And we should, of course. But today, I also wanted to share what it looks like to ensure public safety on the street-by-street, neighborhood level.

Wednesday afternoon, Police Director Michael Rallings joined District Attorney General Amy Weirich, U.S. Attorney Ed Stanton, and other members of the Multi-Agency Gang Unit to announce they’ve boarded up a pair of houses on Seattle Street.

These houses had been havens for criminals. They had been a nuisance for neighbors. So along with our partners, we acted.

It’s a great reminder of why Director Rallings strengthened our partnership with the Multi-Agency Gang Unit.

Two nights earlier, I attended a great program conducted by Memphis Area Neighborhood Watch, which is an arm of city government. Led by Program Manager Lia Roemer, we awarded 17 neighborhood groups a total of $42,495 in grants to strengthen public safety. Communities throughout the city now have funds to buy cameras, increase patrols, fight blight and start new programs. (And since the inception of this program, 77 neighborhood groups have received grants totaling $184,657.)

I’m proud of both of these items this week. And while we will stay laser-focused on the big-picture aspects of ensuring public safety, we’ll continue to do these things, too.

That reminds me: Nov. 15 is the application deadline for Neighborhood Crime Prevention grants through Neighborhood Watch. Call MANW at 636-6628 for more information.

Thanks, U of M: Did you see the Tigers’ crazy comeback win over Temple Thursday night? Well, 150 of our first responders did, thanks to the University of Memphis handing out free tickets to Memphis Police and Memphis Fire every game this season. Thank you, President David Rudd, Athletic Director Tom Bowen, Coach Mike Norvell and everyone who made this happen -- and Stripe Up!

Continuing the conversation: You probably saw where we announced yesterday a partnership with community development corporations to continue the city’s conversation following the July 10 protests. Our first event, hosted by the Frayser Community Development Corporation, will take place at 5:30 p.m. Oct. 25 at MLK Prep.

And finally: A friend of mine emailed this week to praise a pair of city employees -- Liza Seals and Tara Stephenson in the permits office -- who helped make a smooth process for some business he had in that office. Thanks, Liza and Tara.

It reminds me that our employees are out being our ambassadors day after day, and I thank them -- each and every one of them -- for what they do.


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