Mayor Strickland's Weekly Update

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Part of a transparent, customer-focused government is being open and honest when challenges arise -- and fixing those issues as soon as possible.

That’s what happened this month following a sewer leak near McKellar Lake. Yes, we’re continuing to work on abating its effects and plans are in place for permanent fix, but I want to share some about what’s happened thus far.

Erosion caused by recent heavy rains led to a 96-inch wastewater pipe failing on the afternoon of March 31. Public Works immediately started work on stopping the flow of wastewater. Our team, which included a contractor and employees from the Environmental Engineering, Drain Maintenance, Heavy Equipment and Street Maintenance departments, worked 12-hour shifts and 24-hour days to clear vegetation and move earth to stop the flow.

By April 5, it was stopped.

That’s amazingly fast. Credit goes to all those dedicated city employees under the direction of Public Works Director Robert Knecht. Great work, all.

Coming soon: Today’s email is shorter than most, but there’s a good reason: We’ve been deep into the details of our 2016-17 budget proposal, which we’ll share with the City Council and make public Tuesday afternoon. You’ll see a special email then.

No spoilers to share today, but I can assure you that our proposal will show exactly what we mean when we say “brilliant at the basics.”

Hats off: The Memphis Police Department honored its own earlier this week, handing out honors for bravery and valor. They were well-deserved recognitions, and we add our own congratulations and thank-yous from the mayor’s office.

You can view the individual honorees here.

Getting connected: We were happy to see this week that 385 families at Foote Homes received free tablets and free internet access for a year, thanks to local nonprofits and the White House’s ConnectHome program.

Welcome to Memphis, Coach Smith: I presented our very first key to the city yesterday. It went to Tubby Smith, the newly hired University of Memphis men's basketball coach. It was an honor to meet Coach Smith before the news conference, and I told him I’d be there for him.

Goodness gracious...: Finally, how could I not share this video of me -- yes, me -- lip-syncing Jerry Lee Lewis’ “Great Balls of Fire”? It was for a great cause -- raising money for MLGW’s Plus-1 program, which is administered by MIFA and provides funds to our fellow citizens who need help paying their utility bills.

On that note, have a great weekend.


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