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Attention Agency Rules Coordinators

In late 2022 and early 2023, some changes were made to the OARD that effect rulemaking.

SMC Addition

Senate Bill 1560, effective January 1, 2023, requires the following:

“A state agency shall amend any existing rule or regulation promulgated by the state agency that uses the term “alien” to reference an individual who is not a citizen or national of the United States to replace the term “alien” with “noncitizen” no later than six months after the effective date of this 2022 Act.”

For accomplishing this, a new provision has been added to ORS 183.335(7) so the rule amendments for changing “alien” to “noncitizen” can be done with Statutory Minor Correction filings.

When doing these filings, check the box on the SMC filing page that reads “Changing a term or phrase in order to conform with a change prescribed by law”

Remote hearing fields added to Notice filing

When virtual rulemaking hearings became the norm during Covid, rules coordinators started putting remote information in notice fields meant for conference room locations and street addresses. This was necessary, but it did cause occasional errors in the database.

To remedy this, an OARD update was made to create proper fields both for in-person and remote hearings. Please consider the following when entering hearing information:

When your hearing is in-person only, fill out the fields under “Hearing Location.”

When your hearing is remote only, fill out only the fields under “Remote Hearing Details.” Please do not put remote hearing information, or any information, in the “Hearing Location” fields. Leave them all blank.

If you want to hold a “hybrid” hearing at an in-person location, with the option for people to access it remotely, fill in the fields both for “Hearing Location” and “Remote Hearing Details.”

If you have questions, see contact information above.