2024 Initiative Petition #17 Draft Ballot Title


 Secretary of State

Elections Division

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Initiative Petition

The Elections Division received a draft ballot title from the Attorney General on November 22, 2022, for Initiative Petition 2024-017, proposed for the November 5, 2024, General Election.

Increases highest corporate minimum taxes; distributes revenue to eligible individuals; state replaces reduced federal benefits

Chief Petitioners
Antonio Gisbert Resident of Portland, OR 97211
Anna Martinez Resident of Portland, OR 97217

Written comments concerning the legal sufficiency of the draft ballot title may be submitted to the Elections Division. Comments will be delivered to the Attorney General for consideration when certifying the ballot title.

Additionally, the Secretary of State is seeking public input on whether the petition complies with the procedural constitutional requirements established in the Oregon Constitution for initiative petitions. The Secretary will review any procedural constitutional comments received by the deadline and decide whether the petition complies with constitutional requirements.

To be considered, draft ballot title comments and procedural constitutional requirement comments must be received in their entirety by the Elections Division no later than 5 pm.

Comments Due
December 7, 2022

How to Submit
Scan and Email: irrlistnotifier.sos@sos.oregon.gov
Fax: 503.373.7414
Mail: 255 Capitol St NE Ste 126, Salem OR 97310

More information, including the draft ballot title and text of the petition, is contained in the IRR Database available at www.oregonvotes.gov