Disclosures on Political Communications - Resources & Information



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At the 2020 general election Oregon voters passed Measure 107 which amended the Oregon Constitution to allow for laws regulating disclosure on political campaign advertisements. This caused ORS 260.266 to take effect and the Secretary of State was made responsible for promulgating administrative rules and enforcement.  

ORS 260.266 and OAR 165-012-0525 outline specific requirements of this law. The Elections Division’s website also contains information to help people comply with the laws and rules.  

This information is being sent to help you understand the requirements and determine whether you are required to include disclaimers on your campaign communications.  


​​​​​Generally, communications supporting or opposing a clearly identified candidate must state the name of the person who paid for the communication, but some communications must also list the organization’s top contributors. ​There are some exceptions to this requirements which are outlined on our website 

Committee ID 

If you are required to list your committee name on a communication, you are also required to list your committee ID as registered in ORESTAR. For example, “Paid for By Friends of ORESTAR (00000).”  

Civil Penalties & Enforcement 

Failure to include required disclosure information could result in a civil penalty of up to 150% of the total cost of printing, transmitting or distributing the communication. The Elections Division urges all organizations making political communications to review the requirements before creating material for upcoming elections. 

Reporting Election Law Violations 

If you believe an election law violation has occurred, we encourage you to report it to the Elections Division using the online form. Include any evidence you have to support your allegation.