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Municipal Audit Summary Report

Have you ever wondered how many local governments serve you? Have you wanted more information about the governments listed on your property tax statement, like what they do with your tax dollars? 

We issued a report on all of Oregon's local government's that were required to file a financial audit with our office; take a peek inside to see which ones filed the required reports and whether auditors made recommendations for improvement. Out of over 1100 governments that were required to file an audit, 362 governments had audit recommendations and 22 did not file. Are any of those your local governments? 

For answers and information, check out the recently released Municipal Summary Report for fiscal year 2019 audits filed with the Secretary of State.  

Not all local governments are required to file an audit. Governments that spend less than $500,000 a year may be exempt from the audit requirement. However, their other financial reports can be viewed on our website if you search by name, government type, or county of operation.  


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