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Attention Rules Coordinators: OARD Update

Recently we made changes in the OARD to add functionality to the statute section on rule drafts. The update helps with certain fixes that can be made after a filing has been returned for corrections. We have also stabilized the order of statutory/other citations entered in the fields.

  1. When a filing needs be returned for corrections due to statute errors, we can now open the entire statute section so that new statute/other fields can be added and/or deleted by the rules coordinator.
    Note: It is important that you put individual statutory/other citations in separate statute fields on the rule draft. Putting multiple citations in a single field could result in display and indexing problems in the OARD. (Examples of individual citations: ORS 183.335; ORS 183.350–183.400; OL 2018 Ch. 99; HB 4092, 2020)
  2. When you put statutes in numerical order in the fields, from top to bottom, they now should stay in order when the filing is published. Previously some rules coordinators were finding that statutes were moving out of order upon publication.


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Find out more about Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs): https://sos.oregon.gov/archives/Pages/oregon_administrative_rules.aspx