2020 Municipal Newsletter - includes 2019 desk review results

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2020 Municipal Newsletter

We completed desk reviews of 2019 audit reports filed with our office. Rather than generate a unique sample we performed a follow-up review of 2018 desk reviews that resulted in findings letters. 

The newsletter has been posted to our website. It includes summary results of 2019 desk reviews, information about web content and plans of action, reminders about requesting an extension of time to file annual reports, and some personal thoughts. 

Please take time to read this short newsletter. Call or email if you'd like to discuss the issues or have any questions. While I'm working from home I remain available as a resource. Please don't hesitate to call on me; I enjoy hearing from you. 

Be well, 

Amy Dale
Secretary of State, Municipal Audit Manager
(971) 283-0031

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Find Municipal Reports and Forms http://sos.oregon.gov/audits/Pages/muniaudits.aspx