A Video Tribute: What Dennis Richardson Accomplished


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Secretary Richardson

A Video Tribute: What Dennis Richardson Accomplished

Secretary of State Dennis Richardson promised to bring transparency, accountability, and integrity to Oregon government. He did exactly what he promised.

What he achieved in just over two years is worthy of celebration. In his memory, the office put together a series of videos about the successful work by each of the teams under his leadership.

  • Executive Team: implemented nationally-recognized best practices to make the Secretary of State a center of excellence.
  • Audits Team: identified over $100 million in questionable government spending and promoted the public welfare through key audits of foster care and Portland Public Schools, as well as the opioid crisis, Medicaid, and many others.
  • Archives Team: restored Oregon’s original Constitution, expanded electronic public records management, instituted the award-winning civics program Kid Governor, and created an exhibit celebrating black pioneers.
  • Corporations and Small Business Assistance Team: helped small businesses cut through red tape and assisted hundreds of thousands of businesses start or register.
  • Human Resources Team: increased employee training and implemented equal pay.
  • Elections Team: increased accessibility and security in elections, resulting in high voter turnout.
  • Business Services Team: was the first state agency to implement an electronic purchasing program to increase efficiency, as well as the first to post monthly updates of all agency spending online for maximum transparency.
  • Information Systems Team: implemented IT portfolio management and advanced security.

A Life Well Lived

Secretary Richardson left a tremendous legacy of kindness, love, and devotion to his family, friends, and the people of Oregon. Yesterday, a state funeral was held to honor him, and you can watch a video of the service here.

Secretary Richardson’s life impacted so many, and his memory lives on in the little moments—those individual interactions that defined him and revealed his genial nature and relentless passion to make the world a better place. You are invited to read a collection of memories, written by those who knew him and shared with our office after his tragic passing.

Secretary Richardson was an authentic statesman. He is an example of a life well lived. We pay tribute to his memory.