Oregon Administrative Rules Compilation 2018 Online

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The 2018 Oregon Administrative Rules Compilation

The Oregon Administrative Rules Compilation 2018, is available in the OARD (Oregon Administrative Rules Database) System. 

With the launch of the system last October, the way we publish the Annual Compilation has changed. We no longer print hard-copy versions, but provide the Annual Compilation online to be downloaded as needed. 


  • No need to wait for mailing from the State Archives.
  • Print only what you need. It’s more efficient and “greener.”
  • Save chapters to your computer, or send them to others. 

Get Started 

  1. Visit https://secure.sos.state.or.us/oard/.
  2. Click on “Access the Annual Compilation” in the left menu. 
  3. Click “View PDF” from the right column for just the chapters you need. 
  4. The PDF will download to your computer. Print, save or send to others. 


Find out more about Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs): http://sos.oregon.gov/archives/Pages/oregon_administrative_rules.aspx