OARD Error Message Displaying for Some Users

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What to Do If You Get This Error 

An error message has been appearing from time to time when Rules Coordinators attempt to submit rule filings in the Oregon Administrative Rules Database. The error does not mean the OARD user has done anything wrong. It happens when the Secretary of State’s cybersecurity system interprets certain content as a security risk. 

Fortunately, resolving the error is fairly simple. Just email or call us (503-373-0701), provide us with the Support ID number, and we will get the error cleared as soon as possible. The error message will be similar to the one below:

Please Contact Us


Oregon Secretary of State applications are currently AVAILABLE, however, our cybersecurity service, which provides protection for our customers and systems,  has identified a problem that prevents us from completing your request.


Please contact the appropriate customer support group from those listed below so that we can help you complete the request. Please provide the Support ID shown on this message when you contact us. We apologize for any inconvenience. 


Support ID: [number]


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Contact Customer Support                          Email                                                 Email

503-986-2200                                                 503-373-0701                                  503-986-1518

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Publications Unit,
Archives Division