Lloyd to Woodlawn Neighborhood Greenway Project Update

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Portland Bureau of Transportation

Lloyd to Woodlawn Neighborhood Greenway
Project Update

Dear neighbors,

Work at the intersection of NE 7th and Tillamook continues this month. Contractors working for the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) have made progress on the remaining components of Phase 1 of implementation of the Lloyd to Woodlawn Neighborhood Greenway project. We apologize for taking the traffic control barriers down before the work was complete. We are working with the contractor to get that put back up as soon as possible. 

The contractor has built the protected intersection on the east side of the south leg of NE 7th Avenue and Tillamook Street.  Additionally, two new speed bumps have been installed just south of this intersection. The traffic circle has been removed and a new planter is scheduled to be installed early the week of Nov. 14. This planter will encourage people driving to slow down while preserving sightlines for people crossing the street. The contractor is also planning to install upgraded lighting in December at NE 7th Avenue and the intersections at Fremont, Going and Alberta, and NE 9th Avenue and the intersections at Prescott, Going, Alberta, Webster, Emerson, Killingsworth and Ainsworth. 

NE 7th Avenue Speed Bump

New speed bump on NE 7th Avenue, south of Tillamook Street

NE 7th Avenue Planter Location

PBOT will install a planter at this location on NE 7th Avenue the week of November 14th.

Although installing striping when the weather is cold and/or rainy is not ideal (and cannot be warrantied), we are working with the contractor to determine whether they can complete the striping work at the intersection in the next few weeks. We will update you when we have more information.

Detailed Intersection Design Plan 

NE 7th Tillamook design

The design at NE 7th Avenue and NE Tillamook Street improves connections to the Blumenauer Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge, enhances crossing comfort and safety for folks travelling along the NE Tillamook Neighborhood Greenway, and makes pedestrian crossings safer and more comfortable.  

What's Next After Construction? 

After completion of these Phase 1 improvements in Spring of 2023, PBOT is committed to seeking funding for the Phase 2 recommendations outlined in the Lloyd to Woodlawn Neighborhood Greenway Plan Report. In addition, PBOT has committed to monitor traffic volumes and speeds after completion of the Phase I improvements and include follow-up mitigation if necessary. Additional future changes to NE 7th Avenue would require PBOT to re-engage the broader community to ensure that such an outcome would work for users along the entire corridor and reflect the priorities of historically disadvantaged communities. 

About Lloyd to Woodlawn Neighborhood Greenway Project

The Portland Bureau of Transportation’s (PBOT) Lloyd to Woodlawn Neighborhood Greenway Project will expand the citywide low-stress walking and bicycling network in Northeast Portland by creating a safe and pleasant place to walk or bike to employment centers, neighborhood destinations, schools, and nearby parks.  

For more information, visit the project website at: 

Or contact: 
Nicole Peirce, PBOT Project Manager 
(503) 823-8352

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) is the steward of the city’s transportation system and a community partner in shaping a livable city. We plan, build, manage, and maintain an effective and safe transportation system that provides access and mobility. Learn more at portland.gov/transportation