Cully Neighborhood Street Improvement Project: Design Update

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Cully Neighborhood Street Improvement Project: Design Update

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) and the Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) will improve several local streets in the Cully neighborhood by paving gravel streets, adding sidewalks, building stormwater infrastructure, and slowing traffic with speed bumps. We will also add stop signs to intersections that are missing them today. 

The Cully Neighborhood was selected due to its high number of unimproved streets that serve as important routes to neighborhood destinations like parks and schools, and underserved populations including high proportions of people of color, people with lower incomes, and people that rent their homes. 


We've created a sharable map for neighbors to view and explore the project: View the map here 

Please note that due to a bug in the way that Google Maps interprets the engineering linework, the plans and aerial image do not perfectly align. The improvements are shown in the map about 7' too far to the east. If you'd like help interpreting the plans near your property, please get in touch with the project manager (info below).


What’s happening now 

Design will continue throughout 2022 and into 2021, and we will continue working closely with community to gain feedback through individual and small-group conversations virtually and in the neighborhood.


What we’ve done so far 

During the Summer of 2020 through the Winter of 2021, we completed the topographic survey and began the design engineering and public involvement phase in spring 2021. We have also completed a tree inventory and are working to identify any trees that will need to be removed as part of the project, along with opportunities to plant new trees. 


What’s next 

  • Design will likely conclude in the first half of 2023 
  • After design finishes, the final plans will go through the procurement process to secure a contractor 
  • Construction will likely begin in early 2024 


Please visit our website to learn more:   

David Backes

PBOT Project Manager

(503) 823-5811