March update on the Lincoln-Harrison Neighborhood Greenway Enhancement Project

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Portland Bureau of Transportation

This is a message to share new information about the Lincoln-Harrison Neighborhood Greenway Enhancement Project.

Update to the design of 30th and Harrison-Lincoln crosswalk

In response to feedback received from the community, PBOT has modified the design of the crosswalk’s southwest corner to further tighten the intersection and provide shorter crossings for pedestrians. View the design.

Postponement of 50th and Lincoln interim diverter installation due to Fixing Our Streets summer paving project

As a result of funding from the Fixing our Streets program, SE 50th is being repaved from SE Division to SE Hawthorne this summer. This project will prevent further pavement deterioration and update corners to meet current accessibility standards.

Due to  the traffic management and paving plans of the contractor hired to complete this repaving work, the installation of the interim diverter at 50th and Lincoln is being postponed. Learn more about the paving project on the project’s webpage.

Updated timeline for 50th and Lincoln

  • Install low-cost interim median diverter - Late summer following completion of Fixing Our Streets paving work on SE 50th
  • Begin speed and volume data collection on streets adjacent to and surrounding the diverter location. Publish all data online as it is collected - Early 2019 (6 months after diverter installation)
  • Evaluate effects. Learn more about how project success will be evaluated - Early 2019 following data collection
  • Installation of permanent diverter - Spring 2019

Learn more details about the 50th and Lincoln diverter at the project’s story map and website.

Answers to additional questions you may have

What is the traffic impact to 50th during paving work? Learn more about the paving project on the project’s webpage.

Why is the timeline of the 50th diverter project changing? Why can’t the two projects run concurrently? PBOT staff want to ensure that speed and volume data captured after the interim diverter installation is not impacted by the SE 50th paving project in any way.

Why didn't PBOT anticipate this paving conflict earlier? PBOT initially believed that the paving project would impact SE 50th between Hawthorne and Division in sections and would work around the diverter installation, but we now know that the contractor is planning to periodically close a lane of traffic on 50th in order to use resources more efficiently.

Is the paving project on 50th between Division and Hawthorne related to the installation of the median diverter? No, the SE 50th paving project is not connected to the SE 50th diverter.

Is the paving project impacting other Lincoln-Harrison Neighborhood Greenway project elements? No, installation of other neighborhood greenway project elements will begin in early summer, and is not impacted by the paving project on SE 50th.


Sheila Parrott, Project Manager

(503) 823-5817