Did you know? - Hemp Flower Registration and Testing Requirements

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Clarification on hemp flower registration and testing requirements

ODA is getting a lot of questions about hemp flower/bud/pre-rolls this harvest season.  It can be very confusing and there are a lot of rumors and misinformation out there.  Let's try to clarify.

1 - Trimming flowers or bud into a retail ready product (i.e. ready to go to the consumer) is changing the plant material from "industrial hemp" into a "hemp item." Industrial hemp requires a registration. Hemp items do not.

2 - A hemp handler registration is needed to process industrial hemp into a hemp item. Flower, buds, and pre-rolls are hemp items.

3 - The flower or bud must be tested for the following in batches no bigger than 30 lbs:

  • pesticides
  • water activity
  • moisture content
  • potency - CBD and total THC (cannot be more than 0.3% TOTAL THC if sold outside the marijuana system or across state lines).

4- This applies regardless of if your sale is in Oregon or outside of the state.

5 - If you are a grower selling directly to a handler, there is no additional testing required by the state.



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