Resolution with a Purpose - Week 1 - Assessment

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Many of us recognize the importance of wellness, but it is easy to get caught up in our busy schedules where we find ourselves not maintaining a holistic regimen that consistently meets our needs.

A Wellness Assessment will allow you to find out your level of wellness by assessing various dimensions of your wellbeing.

The areas of assessment being offered include Physcial, Social, Emotional, Environmental, and Spiritual.

At the end of this program, April 2 - 6, these assessments will be available to you to measure the progress you have made during this program. Re-assessment week will include Body Composition Analysis throughout our county locations.

Body Composition Analysis


With a good understanding of your body composition, you can improve your health and change your life for the better. Think about when you take your car into the shop. Your car isn't working, so the mechanic does an inspection of the car's parts. The mechanic opens the hoods, checks the fluids, inspects the working components, and is able to tell you the condition of your car.

Body composition is like that, except instead of learning that you need to change your oil or replace your brake pads, you might learn that your body fat percentage is higher than you thought, or that your right side is stronger than your left and you need to work to bring your body back into balance.

The method of analysis that MC Wellness is offering is called Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). It works by sending a small electrical current between your hands and feet and measures the opposition (impedance) of that current. Once impedance is measured, body composition is ascertained.

Analysis schedule for this week, January 8 - 12

assessment schedule

Analysis Process

Priority 1 - Privacy
Priority 2 - Knowledge

This process is designed to be as private as possible. You will be the only one that sees your results.

Try to eat/drink at least 3 hours before your analysis. Also try to use the bathroom. The test will require you to be barefoot, so please dress appropriately to allow removal of shoes and socks.

The machine will be cleaned before you step on it. Once you step on, your weight will be measured. Next you will be prompted to enter your age, height, and gender. Then you will be instructed to grab the handlebar. With elbows straight, you will hold the handlebar in front of your body. You will hold this position for ~30 seconds. When completed, you will return the handlebar to the rack, take your printed results, get your shoes and socks on, and be on your way. Then the machine is cleaned for the next person.

General information will be available for review of your results. If you want to talk with me about your results, we can do that.