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Tim Knopp

Low Carbon Fuel Standard (SB 324) Floor Speech

February 17, 2015

Below is a transcript of my floor speech in opposition to SB 324.

Colleagues, what do we know about this particular bill? Everybody admits it is going to raise fuel prices for consumers. That means that it also is going to hurt working families. We already know it is a hidden gas tax. That is obvious. We also know that Oregonians will not be allowed to vote on this new policy and debate it so they will know the impact it will have on them. I think we also know that this bill will remain in full force if in the future the federal investigation finds that there was public corruption or undue influence from people outside this building. The law will remain in effect.

A few things we don’t know. We don’t know where the new clean fuel to blend will come from after the first couple of years. I believe California had that problem. We don’t know what the out of state corporations that will benefit from this bill. We don’t know who they are. We don’t know who owns those out of state corporations.

But, we do know that there has been a lot said about this. Here is what the Oregonian said Nov. 5, 2012. The editorial board. I think they are summing this up; “all of which means Oregonians should hold on to their wallets and prepare for an eco-friendly train wreck. This program is nuts”. That is what the Oregonian said. They also said: Feb. 14, 2014 “it’s almost as if Kitzhaber is wishing away an inconvenient piece of reality. Much as Cover Oregon officials clung to the fantasy that the website would work despite copious evidence to the contrary.”

Sept. 26, 2014 The Oregonian said in a guest opinion: “All these policies are going to make it more costly to produce gasoline and diesel.” […] “This is a Trojan horse for hidden taxes.” […] “It is time to put the stop to the hidden tax that is masquerading as climate change policy”.

Colleagues, with the uncertainty that exists around this policy and the federal investigations that are ongoing regarding this specific policy that are spelled out in the subpoenas -  it is,  I think an incredible mistake for this body to move forward at this time on this bill. Even if you agree with the policy, that should give you pause. Our constituents sent us to Salem to make good policy. I think based on what we’ve heard and seen today, I’d be hard pressed to say that we know this is good policy. This is risky at best and there is no doubt that our constituents are going to pay for this and they are going to pay a lot. It would be better if we referred this to the people. I recognize that is not going to happen. But, I believe that our constituents deserve to vote on a policy of this magnitude, and this bill does not allow for that. In fact, it precludes them from doing so.  So, I will be a no vote on this bill for those reasons. Thank you.

Federal Subpoena

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You've read the news articles and you've seen the stories on TV. We have don't have any assurance that SB 324 isn't the byproduct of a less than open political process until the ongoing federal investigation into this matter is resolved. Despite the fact that SB 324 has passed the Senate, you can still voice your opinion and urge legislators not to rush this legislation. Contact your State Representative, and ask them to oppose SB 324.

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