Fire Report, Thursday/Friday 9/14-9/15/2023

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Representative Court Boice

Fire Report for Thursday & Friday, 9/14-15/2023

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From good Friend, Curry Historian, Fire Expert and Best Citizen Lee Riddle:

Some Action the last couple of days on the Anvil and Smith River Complex Fires, Pretty calm on the Flat and Tyee Ridge – The attachment is 4-5 pages of very good updates and details.
We still have at least a month to go – appears ‘dry weather’ coming and while not horrible – generally unfavorable - winds, low humidity and warmer temps – about 3 days. The Anvil - 8 miles east of Port Orford - at this moment is our biggest concern – still under a 1,000 acres, however has tripled in size in the last 3 days. I’m happy to report there are excellent crews on that North Curry Fire.

I have to state however, this is a Wilderness area which I opposed years ago. Very limited road access for our Fighters. If you are unaware – Curry County’s Elk River is arguably the most pristine river in North America. The Anvil is burning generally a path towards our Elk River Salmon Hatchery. (Remember - the 2020 Archie Creek Fire completely destroyed our Rock Creek Salmon Hatchery in Douglas County.

Many representing the far left have always believed that Mega Fires are how you “protect our great Oregon Forests and Wilderness Areas”. Tragic how destructive and ridiculous those beliefs are and the awful, awful long-term results. We have 35 years now of empirical evidence of that devastation up close and personal in our Kalmiopsis and Josephine/Curry Backyards. We have to hold those people responsible and accountable for the constant unhealthy smoke, wild rivers negatively altered perhaps for 50 years, the compromised watersheds, jeopardized Salmon Recoveries and millions of wildlife burned alive! Shame on them!! (sorry no time for edit…)


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