July 2023 Newsletter CORRECTION


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Senator Manning

Session Review

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
Please allow me to sum up the 2023 long session of the 82nd Legislative Assembly in one word: Challenging.  
After enduring an unprecedented six-week walkoutwith the return of some (sadly, not all) of my colleagues across the aisle, in the final days and weeks of the session, we found ourselves in overdrive to accomplish the people’s work. However, together, Democrats and Republicans tackled key priorities including healthcare, housing, homelessness, education, and critical environmental protection before our Constitutional obligation to adjourn by June 25th.   
Though the process was messy and oft fraughtI am thankful we were able to find common ground to pass significant legislation – mostly bipartisan, some along party lines. Nevertheless, below is a snapshot of my team’s work on behalf of Senate District 7 constituents and the People of the State of Oregon.

Senator James I. Manning Jr represents North Eugene, West Eugene, and Veneta in the Oregon State Senate.