What’s at Stake: 📜 250+ Bills Stalled by the Senate Republicans

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Dear Friends and Neighbors, 

This week marks the 5th week of the Senate Republican walkout, the longest walkout of Oregon’s history. Oregonian voters were clear when they approved Measure 113 - walking out on the job and on our democracy is unacceptable. Unfortunately, 10 Republican Senators are holding up the work of the state by denying quorum. Let me be clear, negotiation is different from ultimatum, and I will not compromise on the values that Oregon voters sent me to Salem to fight for.

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This week, my House and Senate Democrat colleagues  and I held a press conference in front of our Capitol steps to call attention to the harm that the Senate Republican walkout is causing. My colleagues and I spoke about the many policies and budgets that are at risk including housing, wildfire, education, healthcare, and safety. 

From fentanyl policies and a statewide behavioral health hotline, to fire marshal funding, it is not hyperbole to say that lives could be lost if Republicans refuse to work before our constitutional deadline at the end of the month. For example, over 300,00 Oregonians risk losing health care unless we pass legislation to implement the Bridge Plan, a program that will bring in $866 million dollars of federal funding to ensure that low income Oregonians maintain access to healthcare. 

With so many bills bringing in billions of federal dollars to our state, and so many lifesaving policies ready to be voted on, we urge our Republican colleagues to return to work to avoid devastating impacts of inaction that their behavior could have on Oregonians.

Photo of Press Conference Outside Capitol

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Oregon’s schools, and especially our students need us to take action this legislative session to address serious challenges like the need to increase behavioral health support, build a strong workforce, respond to threats to school safety, and more. We cannot miss this opportunity to stabilize the K-12 State School Fund with an investment of $10.2 billion. You can read the full press release linked here and you can watch the full press conference in this KOIN article

This session, we worked on many bipartisan bills and bicameral bills, including major priorities from housing to semiconductors and behavioral health legislation. I am disappointed that the Senate Republicans have decided to walk out on critically needed legislation like the $67 million Rural Infrastructure and Economic Development Budget, a $100 million Climate Resilience Budget, and many other bipartisan bills that will benefit Oregonains and our economy.

Hundreds of Senate third reading bills

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As of today, more than 250 policy bills are waiting for referral, consideration, or a vote and 71 budget bills are stalled in the Senate. Without quorum, 33 essential agency budget bills and 39 more budget bills will also bottleneck in the Senate in the coming weeks. All in all, over 400 bills are at risk this session because of the Senate Republicans, including my bills and our district priorities. 

Here is a list of just a few of my bills that are stalled in the Senate:

What's at stake, list of bills at risk of dying

By denying quorum and walking away, Senate Republicans are undermining our democracy. Oregonians who elected us in office are counting on us to deliver on the issues that matter the most. I am showing up to Salem every day to represent my constituents, to make progress, and to be a part of our democracy. My colleagues and I refuse to give up on Oregonians.  


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