From Senator Bonham: Measure 113 is Unconstitutional

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Senator Daniel Bonham

Legislative Update


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Measure 113 is Unconstitutional

Measure 113 was last year's ambiguously-worded statewide initiative concerning quorum and "unexcused" absences. It is unconstitutional. Words matter, and it's not entirely clear when Measure 113 would kick in. Also, it violates our First Amendment rights and of those who would elect us.

The political ploy was evident when the Senate President called for session on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, until my colleagues and I hit 10 days of unexcused absences. Now he is adjourning the Thursday Floor sessions until Monday. This is political theater.

fox news walkout

Watch my interview about the walkout  with Sen. Knopp on Fox News.

The walkout continues

The majority of GOP Senators have hit their 10-days of unexcused absences, and more continue to reach that mark, meaning there is no turning back now. We are in it for the long haul. Oregon is in a leadership crisis, as was made evident by Gov. Kotek calling my colleagues and I for a meeting in the Capitol, timed conveniently around the start of Floor with plenty of law enforcement around to pull us back.

I will say loud and clear that Republicans have an interest in passing bipartisan bills and bipartisan budgets, and we are willing to return on June 25 to do just that. The Legislature’s primary responsibility is to balance the budget. Republicans and Democrats have come together on the final day of Session in recent years to get this critical work done.

HB 2002 is a horrible bill, and it is worth it to defend parental rights and the nuclear family from the extreme and partisan national agenda Senate Democrats are waging in Oregon.

Another bill, HB 2395, removes parental consent with respect to drug treatment and mental health services. The state is not a guardian and could never replace the love and consideration of parents.

Watch my interview on KATU's Your Voice, Your Vote about the walkout.

Democratic Party Corruption

Part of the reason the walkout continues is due to the corruption within the Democratic Party of Oregon, who in 2022, misreported a $500,000 donation under a false name from the now-disgraced crypto executive Nishad Singh.


Despite the U.S. Department of Justice urging politicians across the country who accepted these contributions from Bankman-Fried and other FTX executives to return them, the Democrat Party of Oregon has not given the money to the U.S. Marshals Service.

Sketchy is an understatement. 

For its unethical misreporting of the $500,000 donation, the Democrat Party of Oregon was originally fined $35,000 for its involvement with FTX, but it was dropped to only $15,000. 

In an indication the tides may be changing and more and more people will try to hold the majority party accountable, the Oregonian Editorial Board writes: "But in reality, transparency, oversight, and the public interest appear to have little to do with this case. Rather, a deeper look at the relationships, the investigation and the kid-glove settlement raises significant questions about the ability of Democrats to hold accountable their own party. And the reduction in fine – which Gov. Tina Kotek panned in a call with the editorial ¬board – is a disheartening decision that undermines efforts to rebuild trust in the agency."

With the resignation of the now-disgraced former-Secretary of State, due to her selfish and unethical actions of taking funds for personal use from a business she supposedly regulated, the cracks in the Democrat-controlled government façade are beginning to show.

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