Legislative Update; May 2023

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Legislative Update; May 2023

Dear Friends,

Throughout my tenure in public service, I have fought numerous challenges and faced tough decisions. I have to admit, however, that this past month has been the most difficult in my career so far.

We faced and fought against two dangerous and misguided bills pushed by the the most extreme far-left forces. HB 2002B & HB 2005B will harm Oregonians and violate our constitutional rights. Both bills are now headed to the Senate.

For years, I have been committed to the people I represent. I follow the motto: “No one will outwork me and no one will care more.”

My staff has helped me keep that promise now and all through our whirlwind transition from Curry Commissioner to State Representative. I will always fight for you and will never give up - I can promise you that.

Yours truly,

Court Boice

My fight against HB 2005B

HB 2005B Speech Video

HB 2005B Press Release

Following the vote on HB 2005B, members of the House Republican caucus decided that each one of them will donate $1,000 to immediately challenge this law in court. The total of $25,000 will go towards a lawsuit once this bill goes into effect. I was more than happy to donate and we will continue the good fight. Our rights are not up for a debate.

HR photo 25k

Members of the Oregon House Republican caucus pledged to donate $25,000 to a lawsuit that will challenge the provisions of HB 2005B.

Floor speech in opposition to HB 2002B

Parental rights are fundamental to the wellbeing of families and children. I will never back down from supporting the sacred independence of parents to make the best decisions for their children.

HB 2002B Speech

Faith Fest 2023 this Sunday!

faithfest 2023

Click on the image to vist Faith Fest 2023's website!

Senate Walkout

press release walkout

How I stand on issues

I strongly believe that our elected leaders need to be transparent and upfront about their stances of key issues. Here is a list of legislation that have my support or opposition.

  • House Bill 2005 B - Omnibus Gun Control Bill
    • I strongly opposed this bill and voted against.
  • House Bill 2002 B - The Eliminate Parental Rights Bill
    • I strongly opposed this bill and voted against.
  • Senate Bill 603 - Legislation to give the homeless $1,000 a month
    • I oppose this bill.
  • House Bill 3086  Fish and Wildlife Commission Membership
    • I support this bill.
  • House Bill 3090  Flavored tobacco Ban
    • I oppose this bill.
  • House Bill 3501 Oregon’s Right to Rest Act
    • I oppose this bill.
  • Senate Bill 348 Senate Gun Control Measure
    • I oppose this bill.
  • SJR33 Woke Constitutional Amendment
    • I oppose this bill.
  • House Bill 3242 Insurance Lawsuit Bill
    • I oppose this bill. 
  • House Bill 3243 Insurance Lawsuit Bill 2.0
    • I oppose this bill
  • SJR23 Wildfire Bill
    • I support this bill.
  • HB2107 Flawed Voter registration expansion bill
    • I opposed this bill and voted against.

It is time to address the rampant crime

remonstrance crime


collage photo

Top: Rep. Boice with Moms from Headstart. Bottom left: Rep. Boice on Realtors Day at the Capitol. Bottom right: Rep. Boice and his Wife Britt with OSU President Jayathi Y. Murthy.

Virtual Town Hall

It was great attending virtual town hall with Sen. Findley and Rep. Owens to hear directly from our constituents. We discussed the Senate walkout, relations in the Legislature and wide range of issues affecting our districts.

If you missed it, don't worry! You can watch the whole town hall by clicking on the image below.

townhall image

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all Moms in Oregon! Last week, my mom Meryl Boice, received the City of Gold Beach Honorary Matriarch Award!

I am very proud and grateful!

Curry County Mothers day

Betsy Johnson: Our leaders must all get their ‘stuff’ together to save our state

Opinion: Our leaders must all get their ‘stuff’ together to save our state

OregonLive – By: Betsy Johnson

Everywhere I went in my campaign for governor, when I said, “Oregon cannot succeed if Portland fails,” heads would nod in agreement. Oregonians across the political spectrum instinctively understand the essential role of Portland in the economic, social, and cultural health of our state. Now, we need elected officials need to act with a greater sense of urgency and action to get our beloved Oregon back on track. Boice admires, appreciates, and agrees with former Independent Governor Candidate Betsy Johnson.

Veterans' Corner

I am a proud supporter of SB 1009 which will provide the funds to begin construction of a veterans' home in Roseburg. If passed, the bill will mean $35 million to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs to begin the construction.

SB 1009 release

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