(CORRECTED) More Super Floor Days - With Less Than Super Results

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Representative Lucetta Elmer

Friends and neighbors,

These last two weeks have been full of lots of commotion and marked with very little progress in terms of passing legislation. Earlier this week we had more "super" floor days in order to discuss HB 2002 B and HB 2005 B. Over the last several weeks I have received an appreciable amount of feedback via phone, email, and mail. All of which vocalized stringent opposition to both pieces of legislation. After lots of debate and countless attempts to move the bills back to committee for further consideration, they were ultimately passed. The passage of these bills is incredibly discouraging. Oregon continues to move in a direction that is not representative of our communities. 

Rest assured, I remain steadfast in my dedication to representing the diverse voices of my constituents. Please continue to reach out with your feedback and get involved by submitting testimony in support or opposition to upcoming legislation. 


Person in the Arena Award


Last weekend at the Dorchester Conference, I was honored with the first inaugural "Person in the Arena Award." I am humbled to received this distinction and am incredibly grateful for all of the support and positive feedback I have received throughout my short time in the Capitol.





Although it has been challenging at times, especially earlier this week, I am more motivated than ever to make sure that your voices are being heard. I look forward to continuing to serve the constituents of House District 24. 


HB 2002 B

On Monday, we spent nearly 10 hours on the House floor debating HB 2002 B. In an attempt to delay its passage, the minority party made countless attempts to refer the bill back to various committees to provide more opportunities for public input. I spoke to the motion to refer the bill to the committee on Higher Education. Click here to listen to my full speech. 

Later on in the day, I was able to share my personal testimony about my journey as an adoptee. No two stories are alike, but that never means that one is more valuable than the other. In the legislative process it is important for every voice to be given an equal opportunity to be heard. In no way should my story, or anyone else's, be labeled as a "distraction." Please listen to my full testimony here

For more background on the implications of this legislation you can read the infographic below. 


HB 2005 B

House Bill 2005 was passed by the majority party earlier this week. This will strip the following rights from Oregonians: 

  • By making responsible gun owners and enthusiasts criminals simply because of the type of gun they own.
  • By placing significant possession restrictions on responsible, adult gun owners between the ages of 18 and 20.
  • By creating a complex patchwork of gun laws where citizens within the same county or municipality do not all have the same rights.

House Bill 2005 will now be referred to the Senate. Amongst its many flaws, this legislation will also serve to perpetuate the discriminatory nature of gun control laws. Alisha is a constituent, mother, forensic psychologist, and advocate who originally brought this issue to my attention. Here are some resources that she recommended: 

  • "Negros and the Gun" by Nicholas Johnson
  • "This Nonviolent Stuff'll Get You Killed" by Charles E. Cobb Jr.

Mother, Advocate, and Constituent of House District 24 stands in the House gallery, proudly wearing her shirt which states "All Gun Control is Racist."

The U.S. Supreme Court has previously ruled that laws like this are unconstitutional. Immediately after the passage of HB 2005, the House Republicans committed to donating $25,000 to support impending litigation to protect the Second Amendment rights of Oregonians. 


Priority Bill: HB 3621

Every long legislative session, which takes place on odd numbered years, members are allowed to introduce up to 5 priority bills. Conversely, during short sessions, on every even year, members have no priority bills and can only introduce 2 total bills. Unlike other legislature, these bills can be introduced at any point in the legislative session and are generally treated with a greater level of urgency. 

Amidst all of the other excitement of the week, my first priority bill, HB 3621, had its "first reading" on Tuesday. If passed, this would exempt rehabilitation facilities from the requirement to obtain a certificate of need (CON).

Inpatient rehabilitation facilities play a critical role in the recovery of individuals after they suffer from Traumatic Brain Injuries, Cerebrovascular Accidents, Amputations, Spinal Cord Injuries and much more. Under current law, health care centers cannot build new facilities or expand their existing capacity without the approval of state regulators. Back in 2018, two inpatient rehabilitation centers filed their letters of intent and began the certificate of need process. Almost five years later, both of these companies remain in a stalemate with the government, unable to begin development of their facilities. 


Representative Elmer listens to Speaker Rayfield as they discuss HB 3621 on the House Floor


Carlton Business Association



Carlton Business Association will be hosting a Cinco de Mayo taco and margarita celebration this Friday. The event will be held at the Carlton American Legion Hall starting at 5pm. YC High will also be selling sweet treats as a fundraiser for their prom committee, theater department, and graduating High School senior scholarships. 





In January, local business Applied Physics Technologies was awarded the Emerging Opportunity Fund by Business Oregon to assist in their construction of a new clean room and make improvements to the company’s facility in McMinnville. With the June deadline fast approaching for these funds to be put to use, I am so excited to see how this project will impact our community. Congratulations to Marcus and his team on receiving this award. Keep up the great work!

May 16th Special Election

Ballots have officially been sent out for the upcoming district election. Once filled out, ballots must be postmarked by May 16th or returned by 8pm on May 16th. In this election, the City of McMinnville and McMinnville Rural Fire Protection District voters will have the opportunity to vote on whether to create a new special district, the McMinnville Fire District, to combine resources and provide fire and emergency services to both areas. These measures are Measure 36-226 and Measure 36-227. You can read more about these measures here under "Fire District," then "the proposed formation" and "proposed dissolution" tabs.

Remember to also vote for school board members. For more information on the candidates click here

Walmart Wellness Day

Walmart invites communities to gear up for a healthy summer at Walmart Wellness Day on Saturday, May 6 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. local time. This community event provides free health screenings, free and low-cost immunizations, and the opportunity to talk with a local Walmart pharmacist at more than 4,600 stores nationwide.

Since 2014, Walmart pharmacies have hosted Walmart Wellness Days, providing more than 5 million health screenings and 225,000 immunizations to customers across the country. The goal of Walmart Wellness Day this quarter is to help customers prepare for a healthy and safe summer with an emphasis on First Aid kits and sunscreen. Customers can also participate in free health screenings for cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure, and more. Insurance is not required to receive a COVID-19 vaccination, which is available at no cost, and other vaccines are covered under most major insurance plans.

Use this link to find a free event near you at Walmart.com/wellnesshub.

McMinnville Public Library Read Aloud Event


All my best,

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