5/5/23 Senate District 15 Newsletter

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Senator Janeen Sollman

Friends and Neighbors, 

Upcoming Events: Youth-Led Town Hall on Saturday, May 13

Join me for a Youth-Led Town Hall on Saturday, May 13 from 10AM - 11:30AM at the Shute Park Library (775 SE 10th Ave, Hillsboro, OR 97123). 

This town hall will be focused on mental health and gun violence. It's been organized by youth in our community and will be run by students. I hope to see you there!


Legislative Updates

House Concurrent Resolution 11 Passed Both Chambers

Last August marked the 75th anniversary of India’s independence and this year, on August 15th, we will celebrate their 76th year of independence by honoring and remembering their struggle.

The world owes a debt of gratitude to India for showing us how to fight against oppression and bring about positive change through peaceful means. They embraced a movement of non-violent civil disobedience, a movement that inspired civil rights leaders in the United States, such as Martin Luther King Jr. On Aug 15, 1947, India’s long-sought goal of independence was won. 


This Week's Floor Speeches:

YouTube screenshot

Week 16 Committee Snaps

Joint Ways and Means Committee Hears from Dozens at Ontario Community Budget Meeting

On Friday, 60 Oregonians spoke directly to members of the Joint Ways and Means Committee at a two-hour community budget hearing in Ontario, Oregon. People traveled from across Eastern Oregon for the opportunity to discuss their values and how they would like lawmakers to spend taxpayer dollars for the upcoming 2023-2025 biennium. It was the fourth stop of the 2023 Ways and Means “roadshow.”

On Saturday, lawmakers received a presentation about the unique challenges and opportunities faced by Malheur County due to its proximity to Idaho and ways the Oregon Legislature could support this region. Afterward, the group took a tour of an Ontario-based 3D printed home facility, an innovative technology that could aid in Oregon’s ambitious housing production goals.


Joint Ways & Means Roadshow #4 - Snake River Correctional Institution Visit 


Senate Committee on Energy and Environment

Public Hearings were held on the following bills:

  • HB 2426: Authorizes self-service dispensing of Class 1 flammable liquids at retail dispensary.
  • HB 3179:  Modifies definition of "renewable energy facility" for purposes of county permitting process for solar photovoltaic power generation facility.
  • HB 3043: Revises provisions relating to chemicals in children's products.
  • HB 3143: Authorizes public utility, upon approval by Public Utility Commission, to issue bonds and securitize debt for costs and expenses incurred or to be incurred by public utility associated with events subject to federal or state declaration of emergency.

We had a youth voice in committee this week as well. 10-year old, Hazel Gastellum-Rivas, did an amazing job giving testimony to the committee regarding HB 3055. Watch Hazel's testimony here.

Youth Voices Virtual Testimony

Senate Committee on Housing and Development

A public hearing was held on the following bills:

  • HB 3462: Provides that, if certain state agencies provide temporary housing to displaced individuals in response to emergency, agencies shall ensure housing is safe and provided in compliance with state and federal laws relating to discrimination.
  • HB 2680: Amends requirements for residential landlords accepting applicant screening charge. 
  • HB 3309: Directs Housing and Community Services Department to provide report to appropriate interim committee of Legislative Assembly on department's financial support of dwelling units with certain accessibility features. 
  • HB 2889: Amends Oregon Housing Needs Analysis and land use requirements for local governments related to urbanization. 

Joint Committee on Ways and Means Subcommittee on Public Safety

A public hearing was held on SB 1093 which was brought forth by me and my Co-Chair Rep Evans. This bill would direct presiding judge of each judicial district to develop and implement coordinated public safety unrepresented defendant crisis plan, and submit plan to Oregon Criminal Justice Commission.

An Informational meeting was held on the following things: 

  • DOJ - State Assistance to District Attorneys
  • Department of Public Safety Standards and Training - Local Law Enforcement Forecast

In the News

Listen. Learn. Act.

Week 16 - This week's visits to your Oregon State Capitol 

Collage of pictures

(Going clockwise - Representative Lively, Bob Groverm OSU advocates on OSU Lobby Day, OSU Student - Kali Gough), Juan David Alonso-Garcia (SD15 College Intern)

Out and about in Senate District 15

SD15 Farmers Markets & Double Up Food Bucks Oregon

Spring is arriving and farmers markets are opening! I had a lovely morning this past Sunday at the first Orenco Hillsboro Farmers' Market of the season. Farmer' s markets play a critical role in our economy, food systems, and communities. They help connect new customers with local farmers and help increase access to nutritious, locally grown food. 

One program that helps make farmers markets affordable and accessible for all is Double Up Food Bucks. This program matches SNAP benefits, dollar for dollar, for the purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables. For example, if you spend $20 of your SNAP dollars at a participating farmers market, they will give you another $20 to buy more locally grown fruits and vegetables. In our district the program is offered at Forest Grove, Cornelius, Hillsboro, and Orenco Station Farmers Markets. You can also use Double Up for 50% off a CSA share at Stoneboat Farm. Find out more information about how the program works here: https://doubleuporegon.org/ 

Adelante Farmers Markets

Hillsboro Farmers Market 

Farmer's Market Collage

(Opening Day at the Orenco Station Farmers Market with Ricardo Palazuelos (Wash Co. Outreach Specialist for Solid Waste and Recycling, Hillsboro City Councilor Beach Pace)

Intern Corner



Written by: Mari Park

These lovable creatures are the largest rodents in the world and are native to South America. They are social animals and are often seen lounging around in groups near bodies of water. They have a pretty unique look. With their large, barrel-shaped bodies and small heads, they look like a cross between a guinea pig and a hippo. But it's not just their appearance that makes capybaras so fascinating. They also have some pretty impressive skills. For one, they are excellent swimmers and can hold their breath underwater for up to five minutes. They also have webbed feet to help them paddle through the water with ease. Capybaras are also known for their friendly nature. In fact, they are sometimes referred to as "nature's therapists" because they have been known to help soothe anxious or stressed-out animals. They also have a calming effect on humans and are sometimes kept as pets in their native South America. But despite their friendly demeanor, capybaras are not to be messed with. They have powerful jaws and can deliver a nasty bite if they feel threatened. So if you ever find yourself face-to-face with a capybara, it's best to keep a respectful distance. With their unique appearance, impressive swimming skills, and friendly nature, they are definitely worth learning more about. So the next time you're in South America, keep an eye out for these lovable creatures and be sure to give them a wave (from a safe distance, of course).

Senate District 15 - Small Business Spotlight

Summit Foods


Summit Foods is a bakery located in Cornelius where they proudly provide top quality fruit products to bakeries & food manufacturers nationwide. Summit Foods provides premium dried fruit and fillings to retailers, bakers, and culinary professionals, nationwide. Founded in 1997, the family business is proud of the close relationships cultivated with customers, as well as the superior products provided. They create custom orders with the best berries that are sourced and then transformed into what the order requires such as jams, fillings, toppings, fruit syrup concentrates and inclusions. You can visit their website at the link here, and fill out a form if you're interested in their products or visit them at 535 N 4th Ave, Cornelius, OR 97113. They are open Monday through Friday from 8AM - 4:30PM. 

Community Outreach


Hillsboro Police Shred Event

- From City of Hillsboro -

Get your confidential documents shred on-site at this free, self-serve event.

  • On-site from 8 am to 1 pm or until shredding trucks are full
  • Three box/bag limit
  • Monetary donations accepted to benefit the Hillsboro Police Cadets

Please Note: We ONLY accept paper items. Please make sure your boxes do not contain other materials that can break the shred trucks (batteries, remotes, shoes, socks, toys, diapers, trash, binders, binder clips, metal file folders, etc.). Paper clips and staples are okay.

For more information contact, 503-615-6754.

Gardenfest Plant Sale!

- Event information provided by Washington Master Gardeners -



Stop by WCMGA Education Garden at PCC Rock Creek (17705 NW Springville Rd
Portland, OR 97229 United) for the Gardenfest Plant Sale from 9AM - 1PM this Saturday, May 6.

There will be Children's activities, gifts for gardeners, books, tools, 5000+ plants expertly selected for the PNW Perennials, shrubs, vegetables, houseplants and more for flower‑filled gardens and bountiful harvests!

Community Conversations: What can we do about housing affordability?

- Event information provided by Bienestar -

Join Bienestar and the Welcome Home Coalition as they partner to build advocacy skills, expand policy knowledge and empower the Latinx immigrant community in Washington County. Together they are organizing a Spanish-language public forum (with translation into English) to connect Latinx community members with local elected leaders to share and hear community stories and discuss housing policy and the housing crisis facing our community.

Latinx Community Leader Panel:
  • Juan Carlos González, Metro Councilor
  • Patricia Rojas, Metro Regional Housing Director
  • Javier Mena, Affordable Housing Manager, City of Beaverton
  • Panel Facilitator: Olga Acuña, Director of Federal Programs, Hillsboro School District

Event Details:

This community conversation will be held on Wednesday, May 17, 2023 from 6PM - 8:30PM at Hidden Creek Community Center- Kalapuya Hall (5100 NE Hidden Creek Dr, Hillsboro, OR 97124). Doors open at 6PM. This public forum will be held in Spanish with English-language interpretation provided. ALL are invited to join the community conversation. 


The City of Cornelius Public Library is featured in two recent articles as an example of a successful civic structure that builds a healthy community.

- From Cornelius Public Library -

2023 County Health Rankings National Findings Report: Cultivating Civic Infrastructure And Participation For Healthier Communities. CHR&R brings actionable data, evidence, guidance and stories to support community-led efforts to grow community power and improve health equity.


This year, we focus on the connection between civic health and thriving people and places. Civic health reflects the opportunities people have to participate in their communities. It starts in our local communities and is the cornerstone of our democracy, representing promise, opportunity, belonging and shared responsibility.

The University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute (UWPHI) created CHR&R for communities across the nation, with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


In communities where civic health is poos, lives are shorter. In a new report, the University of Wisconsin’s Population Health Institute shows that civic infrastructure affects how long and how well we live.


Cornelius Place was designed to be a vital part of the civic infrastructure in downtown Cornelius, Ore. It includes the public library, indoor and outdoor community meeting spaces and affordable housing for seniors.


“Our library has become a role-model of sorts. People call from all over the US to learn about what our community has accomplished here,” reports Karen Hill, Library Director. “In a city with high diversity and low budget, our community has made some amazing things happen.”


Cornelius, OR, April 25, 2023

cornelius library

Additional Resources

What’s happening around town in Senate District 15? – Event Calendars

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Food and Housing Assistance

Be good to yourself and each other. ❤

Onward & Upward,


Senate District 15 lies on Kalapuya land. The Atfalati were the northernmost band of the Kalapuya that lived along the Tualatin River in present day Washington County. Many of the Atfalati descendants are members of the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community of Oregon today. The Indigenous Peoples of this land experienced a painful history of colonial violence, sickness and removal from their land. The Atfalati are the foundation of Oregon’s past and we must honor them well into our future.    

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1715
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, S-207​, Salem, Oregon 97301
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