From Senator Bonham: Property Tax Freeze for Aging Populations Fails

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Senator Daniel Bonham

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Welcome back to my newsletter and thank you for reading. 

Continuing to advocate for Oregonians

My Republican colleagues and I are advocating for bills to help hard-working Oregonians when their voices would otherwise be ignored by the majority party in Salem. To do this, we are continuing to attempt to withdraw legislation out of committee for consideration directly on the Senate Floor. Doing this is the only way to shine a light on the bills and issues that would otherwise be ignored with the majority party's refusal to even hold hearings on these important and impactful concepts.

Property tax increase freeze for Oregon's aging population fails

One of the bills I supported pulling to the floor for its day in the sun was SJR 17

No age demographic feels the pinch of affordability more than our aging population. Our state is here today, in part, thanks to the hard work of these Oregonians, who are now in their "golden years". However, instead of enjoying the fruits of their labor, these Oregonians often face rising health care costs and inflationary price increases for food and other necessities, all while attempting to make ends meet on fixed incomes.

While the legislature can't solve all the rising costs, we have the power to help these Oregonians by recognizing the impact of ever-rising property taxes.

sjr 17

SJR 17 would have frozen the primary residency property taxes for Oregonians over the age of 65, so every time the legislature decided to increase property tax costs, aging Oregonians would not experience the financial hit. It failed on the Senate Floor.

Watch my remonstrance here.

SJR 17 was about affordability for aging Oregonians and showed a commitment to them by recognizing their contributions to our society, while understanding the reality of their financial situations. Our aging population should not be expected to keep up with every increasing tax burden while living on a fixed income.

I wish the legislature, led by the majority party, would have stepped up to do our part to help these Oregonians by freezing property tax increases and making it more affordable for them to live and retire here. It is truly disappointing to see that property tax increases will be put on the backs of the people that helped make our state the place we love today.

Parents over State; HB 2002 creates secrecy between parent and child

The most extreme abortion and gender-altering legislation in our nation’s history is moving through the Oregon legislature.

HB 2002 creates government-sanctioned secrecy between parent and child by taking away the age of consent requirements for “reproductive health care”, which includes abortion and hormone therapy for transgender youth.

It creates secrecy between parent and child with respect to important medical and deep, life-altering decisions - when there should be none.

stop hb2002

The state is not a parent - never has been and never will be.

Check out this clip that shows how Democrats who “helped carefully craft the bill” were shocked to learn how it would allow 10-year-olds to get an abortion without parental knowledge.

I consider it a responsibility of the Oregon Legislature to “do no harm” and HB 2002 does harm.

Airplane technicians get their wings

Not all bad news; SB 482, a bill I chief sponsored, unanimously passed on the Senate Floor, and it now moves to the House. The bill allocated funding to Columbia Gorge Community College to expand its airport maintenance tactical aviation program.


Columbia Gorge Community College provides FAA training, airframe and plant aviation maintenance, and technician training.

With an acute regional and national shortage of aviation mechanics, this community college provides a critical service.

Right now, the college is leasing temporary space in a warehouse and the program is at maximum capacity. We all know how helpful hands-on training is for comprehension and understanding, and the funding from this bill will allow students to take maintenance courses directly on site at the Columbia Gorge Regional Airport, part-owned by The Dalles.

Constituent Moments

I attended a wonderful fundraiser for The Canby Center.

Led by Ray Keen, these folks are having a profound impact on the lives of those in their community.

It was also wonderful to see my good friend, Christine Drazan, at this important event.

canby event

Dignity and hope are being served daily through this tremendous organization, and it is a great pleasure to support their efforts. I also bumped into some friends, County Commissioners, and legislative friends and their loved ones. I left with a full heart!

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