Statement on the passing of former SoS Bill Bradbury

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Statement on the passing of former Secretary of State Bill Bradbury

I first met Bill in the late 70’s. I’m proud to note that he was the founder of our critical Salmon and Trout Enhancement Program - better known as (S.T.E.P.). Those fabulous Oregon Resource Recovery Successes were an inspiration to hundreds of people and who to this day have faithfully followed the Bradbury legacy and visions.

Bill was a River Pal to me. His love of the Great Outdoors, Rivers and especially our Rogue became an introduction and then joys to many. I always looked forward to those times at our Lodge and visits from he, Katy, and friends.

Bill and his wonderful family have also assisted in carrying on our special North Curry County and Langlois Oregon Community traditions.

We send sincere prayers and thoughts to those who so genuinely loved him and all he demonstrated throughout our state, the Southcoast he loved, and without question all that Bill Bradbury represented so very well.                     

Representative Court Boice