Week 13: Long Floors and Quick Committees

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Week 13: Long Sessions and Short Committees

With long hours spent on the Senate Floor and more partisan Portland agenda being brought forward, things are continuing to heat up. However, some of these bills are not going through the full legislative process and are being denied public hearings. One bill in particular, which was given a public hearing in the House but denied one in the Senate is stirring up more conversation than others. This bill and more will be covered in this week's issue of the newsletter. 

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Last week my colleagues and I spent almost 30 total hours on the Senate Floor, Voting and speaking on bills late into the afternoon and evening of Monday and Tuesday. Below are a few of the bills that I spoke on.




Legislative Priorities 

I spoke in favor of Senate Bill 664 last week, which would create a crime of committing a terrorist act. SB 664 was part of the "safe communities package" comprised of 16 pieces of legislation aimed at cracking down on crime and drug use. Clik here to watch me speak in favor of SB 664 on the senate floor. 

After the package was completely voted down by the majority, I spoke about why we need to be more bipartition and inclusive when bringing forward legislation that affects all Oregonians.  

You can watch me speak on the Senate Floor here and read my comments on this in the press release clipped below. 

Process matters


I gave my vote explanation Monday on Senate Bill 475, a bill that I helped introduce, that would extend Oregon's statute of limitations for rape. Click here to watch my vote explanation on the Senate Floor. 

Knopp late night floor

On Tuesday I carried Senate Bill 881 on the Senate Floor. The bill would direct the Department of Revenue to reimburse worker leasing companies for any employer contribution payments that they made.

Click here to watch me carry SB 881 on the Senate Floor. 



House Bill 2002- A

On Thursday of last week, the Joint Committee on Ways and Means held a work session for House Bill 2002-A, which legalizes the administering of hormone blockers, gender change surgery to minors. It also allows someone to receive an abortion at any age without needing consent from a parent. 

Knopp in HB2002 committee

As a member of the Joint committee, I was part of the discussion on HB 2002-A, and what it would allow if adopted. 

I was frustrated at the broken process that the members of the majority had. I asked some tough questions during the discussion here and here.  

HB 2002-A would allow a girl of any age to get an abortion without the knowledge or consent of the parent. 

To watch the entirety of the of Thursday's Joint Ways and Means Committee, click here

Poll Results 

Last week's question:

Should Senate Bill 393, along with any other bill that did not have a public hearing, be sent back to committee to give the public an opportunity to provide testimony?

Results: Overwhelming supportive in returning bills to their previous committees to be made available for public testimony. 

Poll results Week: 13

New Poll!

How do you feel about parents' rights when it comes to making decisions for their children? 

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Upcoming Events

Don't forget about my virtual town hall with Representatives Levy and Kropf on Saturday, April 29th. Click the image below to sign up!

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