Child Abuse Prevention Month

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Representative Lucetta Elmer

Friends and neighbors,

Last week, we spent 30+ hours in session (usually we spend about 1/3rd of that) on the House floor. During our "Super Floor" days I had the opportunity to speak on and deliberate over a wide variety of subjects. Here are some general takeaways: 

  • Parents are more qualified than the government when it comes to making life-altering decisions regarding their children. That is why I supported HB 3234 which prohibits children with intellectual disabilities from being committed to a mental institution without the consent of the parent or legal guardian.
  • Oregon’s licensed health care workforce is less racially and ethnically diverse than the population being served. HB 2921 attempts to address this disparity by requiring hospitals to report their workforce demographics. However, I believe that this report would be a misuse of time and resources. Instead, we should focus on creating a more diverse workforce through equitable access to medical training and higher education.
  • HB 2504 requires the Department of Early Learning and Care to reduce barriers that impede international early childhood professionals from entering early learning workforce in Oregon. If an individual is able to demonstrate they are on par with the standards we hold Oregon’s childcare workers to, there is absolutely no reason for us to keep them from serving our families. Future legislation should attempt to reduce the same barriers that exist for early childhood professionals across state lines. 
  • Our first responders deserve the same high level of care and responsiveness that they provide to us when we need it most. That is why I voted in favor of HB 3426 which requires 9-8-8 crisis hotline centers to train staff on how to serve firefighters and other first responders.