Week 12: Ballot Security and a Letter to the President

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Week 12: Ballot Security and a Letter to the President 

Hello District 27, 

Welcome to Week 12. Last week, I brought up concerns for a gun bill that was introduced, including a new poll addressing the lack of public representation that it was given. On the Senate Floor, I carried a bill that would increase election integrity in Oregon and had the chance to introduce more staff members from the Senate Republican Office. 

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Legislative Priorities

I spoke on the Senate Floor on Monday of last week to openly support Senate Bill 53; a bill I sponsored that would prohibit those who share a household with a political candidate from opening ballot envelopes, handling ballots, preparing ballots for counting, or count ballots.

Click here to watch the video on my YouTube channel. 

Knopp sb 53

On Tuesday of last week, SB 393-A, a firearm restrictive bill that many regard as unconstitutional, was not given a public hearing. Instead, the bill went straight into a work session, bypassing the chance for public opinion to weigh in on three majority members of the committee to send the bill to the floor. 

Senate Independant Leader Boquist and I sent a letter to Senate President Wagner urging him to return any bill that has not received a public hearing back to committee. You can watch me speak on the Senate Floor to read the letter here. I have included a copy of the letter to President Wagner below. 


Letter to the president

Courtesies and Introductions 

Last week I had the pleasure of introducing three more staffers on the Senate Floor.

The first staffer I introduced was Sam Evans, the office manager for the Senate Republicans Office. Sam coordinates all of our Senate Republican members, and their offices, and is integral to maintaining the SRO's high level of efficiency. 

Sam Evans Courtesy

Click here to watch me give courtesies to Sam.

I also extended courtesies to Ashley Kuenzi, the communications director for the Senate Republican Office. Although this is Ashley's first session in this role for the SRO, she has been in the legislature for the last several years and loves being a voice for the Senate Republicans!

 Click here to see me extend courtesies to Ashley.

Ashley Courtesy


Finally, in honor of National Student Athlete Day (last Thursday) I extended courtesies to Ryan Johns, an intern in the Senate Republican Office. Ryan is a junior at Willamette University and an official Bearcat, playing for the Willamette University football team. 

Click here to watch me recognize both Ryan, and other student athletes for National Student Athlete Day. 


National Student Athlete Day

Poll Results 

Last week we asked your opinion on the following bills: 

This was your response: 

Gun bill poll results

New Poll!

Should Senate Bill 393, along with any other bill that did not have a public hearing, be sent back to committee to give the public an opportunity to provide testimony?

Answer below! 

Click here to participate in the poll. Results will be posted next week. 


Upcoming Events

  • If you aren't able to make it to the in-person town hall this weekend in Bend, you can still join our virtual town hall later this month. Continue to check my newsletter and social media for updates and information on how to attend. 
Virtual town hall

constituent meetings

  • On Monday I met with Deschutes County Public Health, which included Sarah Lochner, the executive director of the Oregon Coalition of Local Health Officials Home, and Tony Debone, Deschutes County Commissioner. 
  • I also met with Kate Fitzpatrick, who serves as the Executive Director of Deschutes River conservancy. 

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Best Regards,


Senator Tim Knopp 
Senate District 27

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