Legislative Newsletter; April 2023

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Legislative Update April 2023


Dear Friends,

If you have limited time, please review this Joint Republican Leadership statement First and Foremost. HB 2002 is absolutely Evil Legislation being rammed down the throats of unsuspecting Oregonians. It is beyond shocking.

I will never stop fighting this constant madness – I will never give up.


Court Boice

HB2005 release joint

Constituent Feedback

My office is here to assist you with any issue you have with the state government. It is always great to hear back from happy constituents. Ms. Yow kindly allowed us to share her feedback with you.

"My name is Candy Yow, I am the Oregon Representative for DC Project Women for Gun Rights, as well as serve on the State Access & Habitat through ODFW, I run Ladies and Youth Hunting Camps teaching the skills they need to be safe and successful in the Outdoors.  Because of my DC Project and also being a very proud American, I have tried to reach out to as many of our Legislators as possible in the past 3 years.  Very few ever respond or if they do it's a generic response, when I reached out to Representative Boice I was not only answered in less than 12 hours, but he answered my questions and included several other people in the response that could give some insight as well.  This is how our Legislators should respond, I am very impressed with his office and how he appreciates the people he serves. Thank you,  Candy" 

If you need to reach my office, please feel free to email Rep.CourtBoice@oregonlegislature.gov

Measure 114 Bill Testimony

SB 348 testimony


In the Senate Judiciary Committee, I testified in strong opposition to SB 348. This bill would codify Measure 114 which is currently blocked by a court's order.

I am concerned about its constitutional legality and I staunchly oppose further restricting law-abiding Oregonians' Second Amendment rights. Unfortunately, the bill passed out of the committee by a vote of 3-2 with all Democrats in favor.

I will keep you updated on my efforts to stop this bill from ever becoming a law.

Press Release - HB 2005B

HB 2005B Press Release

Virtual Public Charter School Speech

Fighting for parents' rights is one of my top priorities. I was proud to speak and vote in support of HB 3204A which makes it easier to enroll children into virtual public charter schools.

Boice School Testimony HB play

Representative Court Boice announces his opposition to SB 603 - The World

Recently, Representative Court Boice (R-Gold Beach) announced his position on SB 603, the legislation proposed by Senator Wlnsvey Campos (D-Aloha), which has caught the eye of several national media headlines. Senate Bill 603 would give homeless or low-income individuals in Oregon $1,000 a month for two years. The program would have $25 million to work with, and enrollment would be capped once that money runs out.

Coos Bay community recognized for their hospitality during OSAA 3A Basketball State Championship - The World

Senator Dick Anderson (R-Lincoln City), Representative Boomer Wright (R-Reedsport), Senator David Brock Smith (R-Port Orford), and Representative Court Boice (R-Gold Beach) recognized the community of Coos Bay for their exceptional hospitality during the OSAA 3A Basketball State Championship. On Monday, Representative Shelly Boshart Davis (R-Albany) and Senator Kate Lieber (D-Beaverton & Southwest Portland) took to the floors of their respective chambers in the State Capitol to extend courtesies to the community of Coos Bay for being exceptional hosts.

Testimony on School Safety

On March 29, I had the opportunity to testify before the House Education Committee in support of HB 3348. This legislation will direct the Department of Education to conduct a study to determine how to best safeguard our schools against threats. I am proud to Co-Sponsor this bipartisan legislation will Rep. Jeff Helfrich (R-Hood River) and Rep. Ricki Ruiz (D-Gresham).

Education Boice testimony school play

Latest Housing News

Housing authorities are cornerstone to development of affordable housing inventory which affects our local communities when there just are not enough affordable housing to go around. House District 1 will receive funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

A total award to communities across Oregon was $10,559,201 from the Public Housing Capital Fund to support the development, financing, and modernization of public housing properties and for management improvements. Funding being awarded to House District 1’s Housing Authorities:

  • Housing Authority of Douglas County: $582,886
  • North Bend Housing Authority: $369,839
  • Coos-Curry Housing Authority: $203,810

This funding is great news for House District 1!

Veterans' Corner

Representative Boice Honors Vietnam Vets on the House Floor

Vet Honor Remonstrance play Boice


On the day following National Vietnam War Veterans Day, Rep. Court Boice’s remonstrance recognized the loss of nine U.S. Army soldiers in a training accident near Fort Campbell, Kentucky, on March 30, 2023.

Thank you, Madam Speaker, yesterday was a very sad day for America and the United States Army. We had two medical helicopters that collided. All nine of our soldiers perished. I want to take just a moment, if we can, and extend our thoughts, prayers and sorrows to their families and loved ones. If I may, just a few moments of silence…Madam Speaker, thank you.”

Nine soldiers were killed in a crash of two HH-60 helicopters operated by the Army’s 101st Airborne Division during a routine nighttime training mission over Kentucky, according to a statement provided by the U.S. Army to Reuters News Agency. The HH-60 is a variant of the Black Hawk helicopter designed to provide support for various military operations, including air assaults and medical evacuations.

Following the moment of silence, Rep. Boice said, “There are many dangers that face our active-duty service members when they join the U.S. military. All who wear our nation’s uniform make a commitment that is much like signing a blank check payable to our country for an amount up to and including their lives. Training accidents are included in the high cost of American freedom. We send our sincere condolences from the floor of the Oregon State Legislature to the families of the Fallen in this most unfortunate training accident.”

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Man, woman found shot to death in NE Portland; city closing in on 2022’s homicide pace 

In our previous newsletter issue, we mistakenly labeled a photo as Connie Fitzpatrick when in actuality it was supposed to say Julie Fitzpatrick. We regret and apologize for the error.  

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