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'Bills & Brews' Community Event Recap

We had a great time and a full house Thursday night at our “Bills & Brews” event. Thank you to everyone who attended— it was great to see your smiling faces and hear your questions. And I enjoyed the lively discussion!

We talked about a lot of issues - health care, housing, crime, semiconductor manufacturing, self-serve gas, forest management, and chickens!

Special thank you to Al and Quonna Bender for hosting the event at Wolfgang's Thirst Parlor Tap House.

It was also great to catch up with Stayton Mayor Brian Quigley and City Councilor Jordan Ohrt, and former Mayor of Aumsville Derek Clevenger.

Let’s do it again soon!

bills and brew

Willamette Career Academy Tour

Last week, Rep. Tracy Cramer and I had the opportunity to tour Willamette Career Academy. Willamette Career Academy couples the power of connection and collaboration to be a regional hub for career and technical innovation. They serve students and business partners across Marion, Polk, and Yamhill counties. WCA provides innovative programs to prepare students for high-wage, high-demand careers in Oregon. 

House Bill 3236 will provide public funding, matching other private funding already in place, to help support this program.

Visit their website here - Willamette Career Academy


Policy Update


HB 2426 – Consumer Choice in Fueling

The House Committee on Emergency Management, General Government, and Veterans advanced HB 2426, which would allow everyone in the state of Oregon to choose how they fill up their car. I fully support this bipartisan bill.

SB 4 - Semiconductors

With Intel already in Oregon, we have a big opportunity to benefit from the Federal Government's CHIPS act, a $52 billion investment to bring microchip manufacturing back to America.  As a member of the Joint Semiconductor Committee I am working to make sure we have a package that benefits ALL of Oregon.

It's no secret that Oregon has an anti-business climate because of the policies passed over the last decade. High tax rates, low incentives, and an uncooperative government won't help bring large-scale semiconductor manufacturing back to Oregon. The Semiconductor Committee is working through amendments to SB 4 in an effort to put together a winning package - as it stands we have a lot of work to do.

It is important that our final bill includes the following elements:

  • Investment in workforce training and universities - to attract business to Oregon we need a highly skilled and motivated workforce.
  • The legislator should not give the Governor broad authority to pull farmland into our urban growth boundaries.  I believe that the legislature should make the decision and not leave it up to executive power.  Currently, Oregon does not have any 'large' (500 acre or more) industrial sites; the legislature will have to make some difficult decisions about what land, if any, should be brought inside an existing urban growth boundary.  Areas around Hillsboro and North Plains are being discussed and are considered attractive areas for new tech businesses.
  • Our package should encourage tech businesses in all areas of the state.  There are many smaller sites throughout Oregon that are already zoned industrial.  And other existing companies, such as ATI in Albany, have the opportunity to expand their semiconductor supply operation.  Let's encourage additional tech businesses to build and grow outside of the Portland metro region so all of Oregon can benefit.
  • Tax incentives, such as R&D tax credits and enterprise zones, must be part of the package if we want to be competitive with the other states vying for this business.
  • The package should include state funding to help offset municipal system development costs to get industrial sites 'shovel ready'.  This will especially benefit small towns outside of the metro area.

Habitat Conservation Plan

This would be a perfect opportunity for Governor Kotek to fulfill her promise in her inaugural address:

"And finally, for all Oregonians, we must all come together to be part of the solution. I invite everyone listening today to help build the Oregon you want to live in."

This week, the House Republican Caucus sent a letter to Governor Tina Kotek urging immediate reconsideration of the ODF's proposed Habitat Conservation Plan.

The current plan would cause a 27% harvest reduction on state forestlands, well below sustainable levels.  Instead, we should be harvesting at sustainable levels, and making sure we build Oregon homes with Oregon timber!

letter to kotek


Read full House Republican letter, HERE.

Read full Inaugural Address, HERE.

bill watch



HB 2645 A - Increases penalties for possession of certain amounts of fentanyl. There will be a hearing on Thursday, March 16th at 1:00 pm in the Senate Judiciary Committee. 

The current law does not provide criminal penalties for those who possess over 1 gram, but less than 5 grams of fentanyl. Our laws also do not provide any way to prosecute fentanyl in pill form. We must do everything we can to protect our children and our communities from this deadly and addictive substance.

 HB 3236 allows funding from the Statewide Education Initiatives Account for regional career and technical education programs. This bill helps support the Willamette Career Academy. 

HB 3219 is The Public Pension Protection Act. I urge you to send your hearing requests to the House Committee on Emergency Government, and Veterans.


Get involved!

We need you to testify at committee hearings! The process has changed.

The legislative process works best when citizens actively engage in the process.  Don't let your voice get drowned out by activists and lobbyists that do not represent your interests.  If you want change in this state, YOU need to be a part of that change!  One thing you can do is testify for or against bills as they are presented in committee hearings.

In Oregon, the action on bills is in committee.  When a bill gets a hearing, the bill is presented by the sponsors (typically a legislator) and then key supporters are invited to make their case for the bill.  Opponents of the bill are sometimes invited to testify.  Every bill has an opportunity for public testimony for and against.  This can be in person, virtually, or via written testimony.

Due to recent changes, you must register online in advance to provide verbal testimony during a committee meeting. Registration closes one hour before the scheduled start time of the meeting.

Click the link below:



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